Origami Gun with Straw that Shoots

How to Make Straw Gun that Shoots (Origami)

I’ll be explaining you how to make a working model of Origami gun that shoots. It is a best project which can be carried out by children who wanted to learn making Origami guns using different recycled materials at home. You can also create this gun project for your assignments, practical and to try out for fun in your free time.

Make Origami Straw Gun that Shoots

The materials used to create the straw gun is almost recycled materials that can be easily available in your home. You need not spend much dollars on locating the things required for this straw gun project. It is simple and self understandable to create this straw gun by kid. The only precautions you can take is about the firing and the bullets. Carry out the firing in a safe place without hurting others also do not use sharper and stronger things for the bullets as it may be risky to carry out. If you still want to use sharper things then please carry out with parent supervision and in a safe place where there is no crowd.

Things Needed to Create Origami Gun with Straws


Origami Gun with Straw that Shoots


Certain basic things are required for making the straw gun. Let us discuss one by one.

1. Thick,Big and strong straws

The basic and the foremost thing that you need to prepare a straw gun is straws. Without which the project is incomplete. You need straws thicker and stronger and not the smaller ones used to drink fruit juices. If you use normal or thinner straws than the gun won’t be stronger to the hold enough. You require minimum 15 to 20 straws depending upon the size of the gun.

2. Bullets

For Bullets of Origami straw gun you can use small wooden pieces which can easily fit inside the straw. You can even use metal nails but it is not so safe.

3. Ice cream sticks

You can use for 5 to 6 ice cream sticks that are easy available in your home for the straw gun. To make it stronger and stylish I use ice cream sticks you can avoid it if you don’t want but for better holding capacity it is better to use ice cream sticks.

4. Scissors

Scissors are used to cut the straws for giving it a proper shape to Origami gun desired by you.

5. Araldite

Araldite is used as a adhesive for fixing the straws to hold stronger. I do not recommend you to use fevicol,glue stick etc as it cannot hold the plastic straws so I use Araldite as it can hold plastic. If you have another adhesive you can use it as per your convenience.

6. Large Rubber band

You require large rubber band for firing the bullets attached to the straw gun. It is better to have 2 to 3 large rubber bands for faster shots.

7. You need a small stick

You can use a thin wooden stick or thin pencil which can fit into the straw for the trigger. Make sure it is not heavy.

8. Paper bits

Small paper bits are required to assemble the straw firmly with Araldite. You can add the bits but in between two straw for stronger holding capacity of Origami gun.

9. Patience

As you are using adhesive it may require more time to dry the origami straw gun. So it might take up to 24 hours depending upon your adhesive drying capacity and the temperature.

So these are the simple and basic things that require for creating an origami straw gun.

How to Make Origami Gun with Straw

It is really easy to make origami straw gun if you have all the materials at home readily available. You can just arrange the straws in a sequence of gun shape pattern by cutting the straws using scissors and apply the paper bits in between the straws to fix it by Araldite. The straws assembled looks like a drawing but after it dries becomes stronger and a working model.

Adding more number of straws will create bigger and larger shooting gun. If you want pocket gun than you can use less number of straws.

I have not described the steps to create the straw gun as it is self-explanatory and easy to follow. If you still finding difficult to make an origami straw gun you can watch this video which will help you to easily understand and follow each and every step including the materials easily.


Origami Gun that Shoots



I hope this article has helped you to create your own origami gun with straw that really shoots. If you have some better techniques to create a straw gun than post it in the comments. Tell us your feedback about this straw gun if you have prepared the similar one ūüôā

Origami Gun

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