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Blog theme play a vital role while it comes to designing of your new blog. Certain things you should know and before selecting a blog theme. Blog theme portrays the design of your blog by which your visitors get attracted to be the new look, design, features etc. we should be careful while selecting a blog theme because it should not be like you selected a good theme for six months and you change your theme again to another blog theme. Whatever theme you select it should be permanent and selective in nature.

Things to know before selecting a blog theme

5 things to know before selecting a blog theme

In this article I’ll portray you things you need to know before finally deciding your blog theme for your blog. Read these points carefully because it is very important points to be considered.
1. Find and select that kind of theme which has good design so that your visitors get attracted to the design and visit again and again daily to check out your updates.
2. Better SEO options to be considered. The theme which you select should have good search engine optimisation options and should be built-in SEO. This helps you to rank your blog pages and articles at a good rank in Google and many other search engines.
3. Layout of the theme
try to select the theme which has multiple layout options where you can add so many stuffs like placing ads, showing images etc. more the options your layout of theme has the more will be your benefit.
4. Customization plays a vital role while selecting the blog theme. Try to select customisable theme which can adapt to any user requirement and can be changed by giving our preferences.
5. Efficient and good support from the theme authors plays a vital role in selection of themes. Your theme should offer good support by the authors if you face any problem.
6. New updates should be added to the existing theme to improve its efficiency and increase its number of features present in it.
7. Try to select the theme which has built-in widgets and other options.
8. Try to select new versions of the theme rather than going for selecting old theme which lacks in support.
9. If you use any free theme try not to delete the owners credit which is placed usually placed in bottom of the theme.
10. Try to avoid installing unregistered themes or hacked version of the themes.
11. Try to select the theme based on your niche of your blog.

These are the things that you should know before you go ahead to purchase a premium blog theme or try to install some of the free themes.



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