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Create Gmail Signature

Signature is something that we never miss out while adding either in our e-mails or letters or any piece of documents that is relatively important to us. Adding signature to any piece of document signifies its value because it has been signed by you. If he any document having no signature signifies no importance or less importance, signature adds up weightage to document either paper document or online document in any format. Signature gives personal value or official value depending upon its use. Most of them use signatures in sending or receiving e-mails or letters that are officially designed. Either your running your new business or you’re a single individual all of them use signatures into their day-to-day life.

We will focus on adding signatures in Gmail today. Gmail is one of the e-mail provider and e-mail client which offers e-mailing services to its users. The user can send and receive e-mails from its respective clients or friends. Adding signature in Gmail is easy but one have to know how can we extract the Gmail power by utilising its most of the services. Emergence of HTML language in signature has given a great height in composing and designing new and improved e-mails. One have to know the HTML language in order to perform e-mail tasking capabilities using HTML. HTML is one of the most widely used languages today starting from the olden days.

9 easy ways to create gmail signature


So today I’ll be focusing on how you can create the signature in Gmail which most of them don’t know. Adding our own signature in Gmail is easy. Just follow the steps in order to create your own new Gmail signature easily.

Things you need in order to generate Gmail signature

1. You need to have a Gmail account or a Google account. If you don’t have sign up so that you can get started easily.

2, you need to have Internet connection

3. You need a device either laptop or smart phone or tablet in order to carry out the process.

So here are some of the basic things that you require before creating your new Gmail signature in Gmail.

Steps to create Gmail signature

1. Open any of your web browser or Gmail software if you have and Login to your Gmail account.

2. Go to settings option which is available on the right-hand side of your Gmail mailbox. The settings option logo looks like gearbox. Click the gearbox where you will get many sub options in that click settings option.

3. As soon as you click settings option you’ll be arriving at a new page of general category written on top.

4. In general category page itself scroll down to the page where you can see signature option. As default signature option will show no signature. Change the no signature option dot to the bottom empty dot option which gives you to create your new Gmail signature.

5. In the blank text presented to have to type your signature. So add up your signature in the blank text. If you want to add any website URL or your blog address than you can add by clicking the option link in the edit menu of the blank text.

6. After you have added or your signature than come to the bottom of the same page where you will see save changes button click that so that your signature gets saved.

7. Now in order to test your signature. Click compose e-mail option. As soon as you click compose you can see your signature arriving automatically. Your signature even comes out when you reply or forward any e-mail.

8. Now we have successfully added your new Gmail signature in Gmail.

Limitation of adding normal signature in Gmail – the only limitation is that you cannot add images that has been saved into your memory location of your laptop or your computer or your smart phone. You must add images in your signature is only with the image URL. In order to overcome this limitation you must use HTML signature or while composing your e-mail you must add images from your memory location manually.

Let’s add more functionality to your Gmail signature. If you wanted to add more advanced option and functionality to your existing Gmail signature then you can use HTML language to enhance your capabilities. HTML language is Hypertext markup language which will allow you to send high-quality e-mails either to your clients or to your personal users. High-quality in the sense you can add images links , highly quality images , embedded videos , your company logo , links to your social networking sites , diagrams , charts etc. so let’s begin our process of sending our HTML e-mails to our clients.

Create HTML Gmail Signature

HTML Signature gmail

Let’s begin the process of adding HTML signature in Gmail. In order to use this function you need certain things.

1. You need to have a Gmail account.

2. You need Internet connection.

3. You need images in order to add links in to them.

4. If you have HTML editor software then it’s good or you can also use online HTML editor which you doesn’t need to download. You can perform all the functions online with this online HTML editor.

Steps to create HTML signature in Gmail

1. Login to your Gmail account.

2. Click compose new e-mail.

3. Add your senders e-mail address and the subject of your e-mail. Now in the body of the e-mail add your signature either using the normal method or any other method this click on add image icon and it will allow you to select the location of your image from your memory of your computer or your smart phone or tablet. Select the image and it will start to upload adding to your subject of your signature.

4. Once the image is uploaded it will show up to in your body matter of your signature. Select that image that you uploaded by highlighting the image and click insert link option given to you at the bottom of the Gmail editor functions.

5. After you click insert link option it will ask you to enter your website URL or your blog URL. Enter your URL completely starting from HTTP.

6. Once you have added a URL click okay and save. Now that you have added HTML image in your e-mail. Likewise you can add more images or logo of your Facebook or any other social networking site and linking with your profile URL.

Another easy method to compose and send easy HTML e-mails to your office clients or to your personal members is by using this website which has been created by Amit Agarwal one of the famous Indian blogger. Here are the steps to follow which will allow you to send directly from your mailbox high quality HTML e-mails adding more functionality like adding images , charts , tables etc.

1. Visit this link and sign in to your Google account.

2. Once you signed in it will ask you to authorize permissions to access your Gmail. Allow and accept all permissions so that the function of HTML run smoothly.

3. Now you can see HTML online editor where you can compose your message or e-mail adding more options like images , tables , links etc. and at the bottom of the same page it will ask you to enter sender details to whom the message is to be delivered. Enter correctly the details and hit send so that your e-mail will sent to the particular respondent adding HTML functionality.

I would like to thank Amit Agarwal for creating such a useful option adding more functionality to our mailbox.

So this is how you add the signature in your Gmail and add more colourful text and options with HTML by creating signatures with HTML.

If you have any doubts or suggestions feel free to comment. Subscribe to my blog if you find this information helpful.

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