SEO is one of the top requirement for any article to go through. If you write SEO friendly articles your article will rank much higher than your competitors which intend get more visitors to your blog. The key phrase here is SEO. A blogger should have minimum knowledge of SEO before going to write any SEO optimized article.
SEO Friendly Articles

In this article I’ll be showing some of the easy ways to write SEO friendly articles for better ranking.

1. Keywords
Keywords play a vital role while writing your blog content. You must use quality and low competition keywords to rank better. Try to search your keywords manually to see the competition and choose lesser competition keywords to rank better. If you use high competition keywords than your content would be on top. The keywords will be present multiple times in your article so that the search engines can identify it.
2.H1 Tag
You should use H1 Tags in necessary top headings of your article. It is one of the SEO practices to rank better in search engines.
3.H2 Tag
Use H2 tags for your second heading after your main heading. If you’re using WordPress blog to compose content then you can see in top edit menu options like paragraph, h1 tag,h2 tag etc. so that you can easily choose your headings which is required.
4.H3 Tag
Use H3 tag for your third heading present in your article so that you can highlight it. Even this can be added easily with the necessary options in the edit menu of your compose section of the blog.
5. ALT Text in images
Adding images in your article gives the readers a good look of a article. So that include multiple images of high-quality in your content. Avoid adding copyrighted images to your content. Use alt text in images when trying to upload an image. Before you save any image rename it to your keywords and save that image.
6. Add high-quality links
Add high-quality internal and external outbound links to any key phrase or keyword that you chose in any part of the article. Adding 3 to 4 links in each article is mandatory for good SEO practices.
7. PermaLink

Add your keywords in the link of the article that you create. For example I created this article as my link will be article headlines and keywords.


9 Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Articles

I conclude hereby by saying that these are some of the easy and important ways to write SEO friendly articles for better ranking in Google and many other search engines.


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