About Me

The person behind ShareDelete is Mohammed Azeemulla M S.The main intention of starting this knowledge sharing blog is to make life easy for any kind of support which is needed. Mohammed Azeemulla M S is a professional blogger from India Bangalore who had earlier written articles on previous blog www.goazeem.org (Discontinued). I have already done professional blogging since two years on www.goazeem.org,This blog was discontinued because there was no time as I have to manage working life as well as blogging that is an uphill task. The earlier blog also created remarkable progress in the minds of the visitors. The main drawback was the time to update new articles which I do not have as a help to manage my work life as well. The earlier blog was discontinued in the end January 2016. But now I really wanted to focus on blogging as a career goal that made me to start my second blog that is ShareDelete. ShareDelete will help each and every visitor to gain some sort of knowledge and make things simple in this complicated life.

I was born in Bangalore,India but bought up in Dubai,UAE. I did my schooling in Dubai that time I was just an average student in studies. In UAE, CBSE syllabus exist every part of UAE, so we have a lot of syllabus to study within quick span of time we have to study more information which was a challenge to us.

Later I came to India and joined 10th grade in one of the reputed schools in Bangalore, at that time I was having issues with a subject called kannada which is compulsory subject that must be opted out in the state. I had no choice but to study this subject, so I took this subject as a challenge and learnt kannada basics within a short span of time and managed to clear out the subject in first attempt itself that was an achievement for me, since I didn’t knew this subject because in UAE, Arabic subject exists in all the Arabian countries.

After successfully clearing my 10th grade I choose commerce as my area of interest in my college and during my college days I enjoyed a lot and learned new subjects which is couldn’t knew. moving later on i successfully cleared my 11th and 12th with distinction. in 12th grade I was declared as topper of my college scoring about 90.16%,that was my other achievement.

Moving on to my graduation I opted out BBM (bachelor in business management) in one of the reputed college in Bangalore. I got fee concession since I was a topper with excellent marks.

Three years of my graduation I learned a lot of business concepts and business methods opted by successful business persons. In these three years I thought to build my life by doing more things which enhances my multi tasking capability. From my graduation days itself I started to save money which my parents gave me as pocket-money.

Moving ahead I was selected for IBM firm for finance post during my campus placements in my 5th semester of BBM.

Some of my achievements

Clearing kannada in 10th grade in 1st attempt without knowing abc of it neither going to tuitions for it.

12th grade college topper (commerce)

Securing attendance percent 99.80% in BBM, 6th semester.

Earned and won ten thousand rupees from www.vivacashgames.com as an excellent game player competing with other people.

Earned and won RS 1500 as mobile recharge from Embeepay a facebook application, by referring friends and participating in offers.

Purchasing my own second-hand laptop by myself without my parents support for financial help.

Cool things that I do

I love to study commerce oriented subjects to gain knowledge.

I love to learn new things.

I am excellent game player, so love to play games.

I fly kites during kite season and am expert in cutting other kites.

I love blogging and helping people with any issues.

I am investor, I keep on investing my disposable income like my petrol fuel savings in shares. I usually invest for long-term instead of short-term gains.

Riding my bike in low-speed at low gear to increase mileage, save fuel and to earn disposable income which I invest.

I love taking up challenges.

Being a professional blogger is not so easy as we have to manage time,effort and quality of articles including the SEO. In this blog I will focus mainly on blogging tips, SEO, games and applications tutorials, tech support issues and its solution and other stuff which I have really knowledge about to write. Each one of us has one or another problem it might be tech related or some other but we really wanted to make our life simple and easy-going to remove these hurdles that is the reason we visit Internet to learn and get rid of these problems. Blogging is my passion. But it is not a cup of tea of everyone you need to be really professional sound enough to write about a something. I remember two years before when I was a new be in blogging. I don’t know exactly how to manage. But as the time passes I learned a lot of new stuff which made me a professional blogger. The striking moment in my life was earnings from my previous blog in the first year itself as most of the bloggers fail to do so. The AdSense revenue was the only revenue which gave me a boost at the end of the first blogging year. I made more than $100 in the first year blogging itself purely from AdSense. The first year is considered as tough phase in blogging as you have to set up the fully blog and to do SEO for it. You also really need to satisfy your visitors who are really interested in reading your blog. In my second year blogging the revenue try to double up which made me confident that starting a career in blogging is not a big deal. But my work pressure was difficult to cope up which made me to stop blogging. But after a few months I realized the importance of blogging which enthusiast me to go for a long-term blogging. Most of the bloggers do not share their downside in blogging but you might be a victim as I am today which inspired me to share this to you. I don’t want people to struggle in blogging. Just try to manage as much as you can but never quit blogging.


About My Family

I belong to a middle-class family who hail from Bangalore itself. All members of my family are well-educated and self-dependent on themselves earning enormous income. Many of our members are professional engineers and doctors except me who’s mainstream was commerce. Most of my family members are working in reputed software companies. I also wanted to share some of my family members achievement so that people really recognize them.

One of my family member who is a lady who earns 8 lakh rupees  per month who is the director in the company. I don’t know which company she really works as I meet them usually when I go out with my father. A lady earning such an enormous income is really exceptional.

Another member of my family who is a doctor who traveled from London to Bangalore by car without using any other transport means. The only way he traveled was using roadways in the late 1960. This was the greatest achievement in our family. It is not only him but even along with his wife and a kid. Three persons travelling by road which took around two months. I wish I could have released an E-book called “Journey from London to Bangalore by road” . I was really small in age at that time before this idea stroke my mind.

I haven’t listed the names of my family members due to privacy. I’m sorry for that 🙂

Another thing I want to tell you is I do blogging using a second-hand laptop which is costing around Rs.10,000 that is purchased by myself by playing online cash games and winning. It is not about the resources that you use it is about quality which matters which made me to continue blogging.

My previous blog was started two years back without anyone support for financial help. I saved an adjusted money for hosting and domain name. You might laugh at me after hearing this that I rode my bike Yamaha 15 in the sixth gear to save fuel by riding it slow. This encouraged and developed some money savings which helped me to start the journey in blogging.

I also have developed some of the simple and easy android applications in the play store which you can go ahead and download by searching my name in the play store.
You can contact me directly through Email – azeem@sharedelete.com

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