Aircel Sim Talktime Loan – If you’re planning to avail talktime loan in Aircel Sim then you are at the right place. Aircel offers emergency talktime loan to all its prepaid customers. Aircel has named this service known as Aircel extra credit service where a prepared customer can get Rs 10 as loan talktime on his or her mobile phone. This is a kind of emergency talktime loan services provided by Aircel to all the Aircel prepaid customers.
So let us discuss in detail regarding taking talktime loan in Aircel Sim.

Aircel Sim Loan

Requirements for Aircel sim talktime loan

These are certain basic requirements that you need to fulfil in order to avail Aircel Sim talktime loan services offered by Aircel.
1. You need a fully activated prepaid Aircel Sim card .
2. Your Aircel Sim card must be 90 days old from the date you have taken the Sim card. Generally 90 days amounts to approximate to 3 months.
3. Talktime loan will be provided only once and not repeated. You can’t take two loans one after the other. Once you take a loan you to clear the outstanding loan only then you will be eligible to take another talktime loan.
4. Talktime credit can be taken only if your balance is less than Rs 10.


How to take Aircel Sim Talktime Loan

How to take Aircel Sim Talktime Loan

so let us start to avail Aircel extra credit service. Here are some easy set of instructions that you can follow to get Aircel extra credit service.
You can choose any of these three methods to get extra credit service from Aircel.
1. First method is to Dial and call this USSD Code *414# from your mobile phone .
2. Second method is via SMS. You can send “LOAN” to 55414 this number.
3. Third method is to Dial this number 1288 and select option 6
you will get a confirmation message shortly stating that Aircel has provided you a talktime loan of rupees 10.
Important note

Aircel Sim Talktime LoanA total of Rs 12 would be taken from you next time in future whenever you recharge post 24 hours. Recovery loan amount includes a Convenience Fee of Rs 2 only.


Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this information. I hope this information has helped you to take Aircel talktime loan easily without any doubts and further clarifications. Feel free to comment if you come across any issues. If you like this “How to take talktime loan Aircel Sim” article do share it.



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