Benefits Of Flying Big Kites

When it comes to kites people fly kites for their enjoyment or sometimes in kite festival kites are commonly used or in some countries kite fight happen. Kites are bought and sold in different colors and sizes. Bigger the kite higher is the value of that kite. Kites are of two types one is paper kites , kites made up of cloth and other is kite made up of plastic. However paper kites have rapid demand in the market due to their design , color and flying efficiency. Plastic kites and kites made of cloth are most commonly used in various kite exhibitions and in kite competitions.Learning to fly a kite is itself a hobby.

Benefits Of Flying Big Kites

Kites are most commonly flied in India , Pakistan and many other neighbouring countries. Nowadays selling kites itself is a business. During the season of Kite Festival and kite competition in various countries people purchase kites in bulk including the kite thread which is popularly called as ” MANJA ” , ” Plastic thread ” , ” Panda thread ” etc are some of the most commonly used thread by kite flyers.

Benefits Of Flying Big Kites

In this article I’ll be discussing about the benefits that you get when you fly big kites when compared to small kites or medium kites. There are many benefits associated in flying big kites. These are listed as below : –

1. Big kites are powerful

When compared to small and medium kites big kites score well in the competition when you participate in kite competition with your opponent member.

2. Bigger the kite greater is the flying efficiency

Usually big kites fly better when compared to small and medium kites. And also big kites usually fly very fast.

3. Easy to fly

Big kites are easy to fly when compared to small kites. With little amount of air big kites fly fast.

4. Easy to cut other kites

In the kite competition where two opponents fight each other kite where one kite gets cut. So big kites being powerful it can cut easily the other smaller kites with little effort.

5. Big kites carry weight

That means big kites are very end huge which will enable you to cut your opponent kite easily.

6. Air movement is fast

In a kite competition or kite fight between two opponents or two persons. The opponent who fly big kite moves very fast with sufficient amount of air which can cut small kites because the air flow in small kites is less.

7. Any person flying the big kites needs limited experience and knowledge about kite flying in order to experience the power of flying big kites because big kites fly very easy.

8. Big kites are mostly used as a light kite that means lamp or lantern or small lightbulb is stuck to the kite and flied at night times just for fun and entertainment. The lightbulb or the lantern glow so that you can see where the kite is going at night.

9. If you’re Big kite is stronger and powerful you don’t require much good kite thread because kite itself is powerful to cut other kites easily.

10. Big kites have the capacity to cut multiple smaller kites or medium kites in a single kite fight where all the small and medium kites put ” Pench ” to a single big kite and all smaller and medium kites get cut easily.

So here are some of the benefits of flying the kites. That is why most people purchase big kites instead of buying small and medium kites. However the Big kites are costly to purchase but it is powerful and strong which is good and healthy for the kite competition. Whatever money you invest to buy the big kite you will get it back by cutting your opponent’s small and medium kite.

Flying Big Kites

My experience about flying kites

I’m flying kites since childhood so I have seen various tips and tricks that is used by people in kite fighting and in kite competitions to succeed. It has been almost more than 10 years that I’m flying kites. I feel that it is really fun and good hobby to kill your time.

I hope this article helped you to gain some knowledge about flying kites and selecting the best kite. If you like this article please share your feedback in the comments box. Or if you have any suggestions feel free to share using comments.

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