Benefits of Starting Multiple Websites
If you want to start multiple Websites websites with multiple niche than you are in right place. Starting multiple websites means to show that you have different knowledge about different subjects. But starting multiple websites for just to earn is not appropriate. If you’re a guy you wanted to speak about different things in different websites than it is good enough to start it. But starting and managing different and multiple websites is tedious task. In many developed countries like the UK and US people have multiple websites which they manage but in case of developing countries like India and China they can hardly manage a single website which is very rare to be found in some parts of the country.
There are numerous benefits and demerits of starting multiple websites but if you work on all the websites that you start than you will become popular. Continuous and dedicated effort is to be needed to manage all the website that you start.

Benefits of starting multiple websites

1. Your earnings will improve and increase because from each website you earn and suppose if you have five websites and from each website you earn five dollars than your total earnings for the month will be $25. Your earnings will started to multiply and increase rapidly.
2. In every and single website you can select a particular niche to talk about. In this way you’ll become more professional by only focusing related topics to talk about in a particular website. The audience will think that you are more professional and sound enough to have the knowledge about the particular niche.
3. Each and every website represents your brand. So you’ll get a professional brand when you start many multiple websites.
4. Continuous afford will be seen and appreciated by the visitors whoever who visit your website.
5. When you manage multiple websites people think that your knowledge is vast. They try to visit your website daily to get some updates from that.
6. Improvement in social networking sites can be is seen and shown where you’ll get a lot of visitors adding you to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, pinterest etc.
7. There are many plans and offers available for the multiple websites for hosting and domain names. These hosting and domain names are available for cheaper cost at a better price to you which offers cost competitive advantage.

Disadvantages of starting multiple websites

1. If you don’t choose a particular offer for domain and web hosting than it will be costly. Take an example that you started XYZ domain single domain today and after one month you started XYZ another domain than it will be costly. Instead of starting one by one new websites by not to start multiple websites at one go where we will get get good offers.
2. Continuous management of these websites is needed for getting effective results. Each and everybody cannot manage multiple websites as it is workaholic and tedious.
3. Websites represent your brand so mistakes pop in which may bring down your brand.
4. Each and every people is not blessed with the article knowledge and capabilities. So most people lack in knowledge and efforts to contribute to its readers. This can be the down side to start multiple websites
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