Best Kite Thread Selection Tips

When I think about kites the only thing that comes into my mind is entertainment and entertainment. Willing to spend good time flying kites in the open air. Kites are often bought and sold in many places including its kite thread which is used to fly a kite. A special thread is kept separate to fly only kites and to use this thread to cut other kites either in the kite competition. An effective kite flyer only chooses the best kite thread to fly a kite. There are many kite thread offered by many shops but selecting the best kite thread out of many matters a lot. If you don’t select the proper kite thread you might lose the kite fighting competition or your kite thread could easily get cut by other kite flyers. So selecting the kite thread is very important aspect of kite flying.

Let me introduce you to the different types of kite thread which is available :-

Best Kite Thread Selection Tips

1. Manjha :-

This is one of the oldest and popular kite thread used by many people in various countries in kite flying.Manjha thread is made manually by kite flyers them self. You need your thread roll , glass pieces or crunched tube light pieces to coat the thread roll , you need sticky kind of gum called charas in hindi and urdu , also you require colour powder to add colour to the kite thread. You must boil the charas , colour powder mixed with water until and unless the mixture boils effectively or fully. Once the mixture is prepared you will put the white thread roll in the mixture and coat the white thread with tube light pieces or glass pieces to make it sharp. The more glass pieces you apply to the normal white thread roll the stronger and powerful it becomes. Sometimes even this thread is also available for sale in market places. Your thread should be strong to fly any kite either big or small. It purely depends on your white roll which you use.

2. Bareilly thread : –

It is a ready-made prepared thread which is powerful than manjha. This thread is costly than Manjha thread. This thread comes in two types one is the soft type kite thread without glass pieces which is smooth and other type is fully covered with glass pieces. This thread is not suitable to fly big kites.

3. Panda kite thread : –

This kite thread also is ready-made kite thread which is thick and powerful than Bareilly thread. This thread has the capacity to cut even Manjha thread and Bareilly thread. The cost of the thread is little bit higher than both the threads. But an effective kite flyer can even cut this thread using Bareilly thread or Mnjha thread. This thread is suitable to fly big kites.

4. China kite thread or Plastic kite thread.

Now recently in the market the new kite thread is launched which has the capacity to cut all the kite threads available in the market. This new kite thread is strong and powerful to cut other kites. Even this kite thread comes in smooth form and other is rough form covered with glass pieces. It is left to you which one you choose. This special kite thread is made with plastic kind of material. Even when this thread becomes wet in the rain nothing happens to the thread only the thread colour goes away but the thread still remain the same. So you can even fly in rain using this plastic kite thread. This thread has the capacity to fly all types of kites including small , medium and big kites as well.

So here are some of the popular kite threads which are commonly used by most of the kite flyers in kite competitions.

Best Kite Thread Selection Tips

It is the desire of the every kite competitor to select Best kite thread in the market .You might be confused which is the best kite thread to use for kite fighting. So here are some other tips that could help you to select Best kite thread out of many.

1. Don’t go on colour of the kite thread. Colour doesn’t matter while selecting any kite thread. What matters is the power of the thread.

2. Use plastic kite thread or China thread which is most popularly used everywhere.

3. Do not go on cost of the thread. You might bargain. So don’t select costly kite thread as there is no costly kite thread except plastic thread.

4. Select the thick and fat kite thread which is stronger to cut other kites. More is the thickness of the kite thread more powerful it is. If you’re flying big kites than select thick thread or else go for thin thread if you are flying small kites. But even small kites can be flied using thick thread but there must be a sufficient amount of air in the sky.

5. select those kite thread which is rough coated with glass pieces if you are flying big kites in the heavy amount of air. Or if you’re flying small kites with no air than select smooth and soft kite thread.

6. Buy in bulk. Make your purchases of any kite thread in bulk. Because if you buy in bulk you will reduce your total price.

7. I recommend those people who pull and cut other kites to buy soft and smooth kind of thread which is good for cutting other kites by pulling.

8. Make a purchase from the latest stock when the kite season starts. Do not purchase before the kite festival because there might be old and outdated kite thread stock piled up for sale at a cheaper price.

9. The kite thread which you select must be very strong unbreakable with your hand and sharp.

Best Kite Thread TIPS


This is how you select best kite thread to fight in the kite competition. I hope this article has helped you to know about few tips and tricks about kite thread selection. If you have any suggestion to portray then feel free to comment using the comment box. If you like this article do share this information with your friends. For more updates subscribe to our blog.

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