Youtube Blacklist and Filter

Blacklist and filter of comments is an excellent option provided by YouTube to its users wherein a YouTube channel user can block certain threatening and abusive words and filter these words in comments that the visitors of your videos actually type in. It is one of the safety parameter that every YouTube channel holder must implement from being assaulted online.

Blacklist and Filter All Comments On YouTube Channel

Comments are meant to share one’s view about certain topic or a video that is published online. But some people use comments to abuse, assault and threaten people which is against any law and order. You can express negative views in comments but should avoid the use of slang and rubbish language.

How to Blacklist and Filter Comments On YouTube Channel

Here are the simple steps that you can deploy to prevent slang, abusive and rubbish comments in your YouTube videos.

1. The first step is to sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Once you’re signed in. Go to creator studio option located under your YouTube channel name.

3. Click on creator studio.

4. Then click on community a sub option located under creator studio which lies on left-hand side.

5. Under community you’ll be able to see options like comments, messages, subscribers, contribute subtitles and CC, community settings and credits.

6. Click comments. Under comments you will be able to filter comments sorted out under three subcategories called us published comments, held for review and likely spam. YouTube automatically filters your comments and categorise them into the following three subcategories. You can manually filter each and every comment that strikes your video.

7. You have the option to delete the comment, report the comment as spam or abuse and hide the users comment on this channel to hide all the comments of a particular user does on your any number of videos.

8. This is how you can filter the comments in the comments section of community. Now let’s move on to add blacklisted words.

9. Under same path of creator studio you’ll find community. Click on the community to find sub option called community settings.

10. In community settings you’ll be able to find a sub option called blacklist.

11. In blacklist you’ll be able to type all the abusive, slang and assaulted words with the help of comma between each word you type for example bad, worst etc.

12. After adding the words you can save the settings by clicking save on the top of the same page.

13. If anyone types certain words that you have included in your blacklist list then it automatically goes into held for review option found under comments. You can monitor for your comments there.

Youtube Blacklist and Filter

Blacklist and filter all comments on YouTube channel

I have also created a video guide to make it more clear and easy to understand. You can watch the video if you are unable to follow the steps.


I hope this article has helped you to know more about YouTube options available to YouTube channel holders regarding blacklist and filtering of all comments. Share your experiences about commenting in the comment box.


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