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Writing an excellent and appealing blogger biography is really important. You might be a new blogger or a professional blogger or an online marketer or an affiliate marketer or an author of a particular e-book . Biography implies in all the cases. Some people doesn’t write their own author biography or blogger biography, some people feel shy writing about them , some people don’t want to disclose their own personal details on Internet. You might be one among them. Some people are very much casual about writing their own biography and feel happy to share their profile worldwide. It depends upon the people how well they are engaging with people. Some people are introvert and some are extrovert. Either you may be a shy person or a casual person being a blogger or author you must share your profile with people so that people and visitors know who is the person behind this website or blog. It also creates some sort of reputation and friendliness between the visitors and author to know each other well.

Why Blogger Biography is Important in Blogging

I have seen some bloggers and authors writing very short blogger biography about themselves without describing themselves to the general public. So I don’t call it as a brief and excellent way to express oneself to the visitors but writing a brief one or two page description about yourself , your hobbies , what do you wanted to achieve , your talents and strengths , your weakness , adding your picture or a video showing yourself etc. this makes the visitor of your book or your blog know about the author very well. If a blogger blogs and his blog anonymously than there will be fewer visitors and the social interaction between the people and the blogger becomes less. So starting a blog or website is easy but maintaining it proper content and adding proper author biography or blogger biography becomes an effective part when it comes to blogging. I would not say blogging but professional blogging. Everybody wants to be a professional blogger today or some other day however supplying the right phenomena to the people is really important.

Why Blogger Biography is Important in Blogging

Here are some of the important things that writing an excellent blogger biography delivers. In this article you’ll read what you can get by writing an excellent blogger biography or author biography.

1. Online status

Online status is important that for a blogger or Webmaster or affiliate marketer or online marketer because creating an online presence through your biography matters much more than your articles. People want to know who is behind the screen which composing such a trustworthy articles. So your online presence increases.

2. Social status

Here I’ll be talking about various online social networking sites which will help you to become popular. Take an example a visitor comes from Google or any other search engine searching for some useful trick that you have written. So he lands on your blog and reads your article . After reading the article that particular visitor is really interested in your blog so what he does is. he will start sharing your article and your social status improves. So writing a blogger biography and showing at the bottom of your article and also creating a separate page to show full biography increases your social presence and status.

3. Reputation increases

If you are a scientist or a famous celebrity or a simple guy having a lot of talents than your talents will be shown to entire world through your profile that you manufactured using blogger biography. So your reputation increases and you become famous worldwide.

4. More friends online

You will start getting more new friends online inspired by your blog or your e-book or inspired by your writings or inspired by your biography. So writing a quality biography matters.

5. visitors increases

Your blog visitors increases. This is one of the simple method used online without SEO to increase the visitors. If you write a highly appealing and good biography about yourself than many people get attracted like how iron particles get attracted to magnet. So magnet is blogger or author and-particles are visitors.

6. Supporters

You’ll get good supporters who support your article that you have written. So there is a direct contact happening in the blogging field between you and your supporters.

7. Knowledge aspect

If you write about your educational background and experience in particular companies than start blogging based on your blogging experience or education background than your articles will carry more weighted and read by similar interested individuals who inspire you to develop more effective articles.

8. Inspiration to all

If a famous personality or an actor runs a blog or website or writes the e-book the response from the audience will be much more higher than the normal bloggers or authors. So if you are recognised as a great personality then it is inspiration to all members who join you.

9. Learning from experiences

blogger writes about his own experiences which he faced in the course of time so visitors learn from the experiences shared by the blogger and input those experiences in the life of visitors and co-relate each other to save themselves against certain problems and techniques to overcome problems. So likewise problems can be avoided by learning from others experiences.

10. Attractive in nature

When you compare your blog having author biography or blogger biography with the blog having no biography than the blog which is having author biography sounds more interesting and attract people to get engaged.

11. Professional phenomena

Are you a professional blogger ? Or part-time blogger ? Or write articles just for fun or passion ?. Does professionalism exist in your articles and in your blog ?. These questions are common in each respective and carry more weighted. So when you create a successful professional kind of blogger biography. The look itself sounds professional. So enhance the power of professionalism to create professional and quality articles.

12. Appreciation

You will also be appreciated for your biography when your biography sounds marvellous or you have done some good initiative in order to help mankind or if you are multitasking guy who manages many things. The appreciation usually comes from the visitors heart , subscribers , readers or television media etc.

Blogger Biography

So here are some of the things that you could achieve once you start writing your author description very well designed to suit best blogging experiences.


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