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Professional blogging is boom nowadays. Most of the people are getting aware in India about blogging experience and its career growth. So we can see many professional bloggers coming up very fast from India. Blogging journey has ups and downs similar to a life. The most successful bloggers can defend themselves against these challenges that come into their life. Most of the bloggers dream to be a professional blogger one day but due to some challenges they couldn’t make it.

Challenges Professional Bloggers

This life is full of challenges. Wherever you go you need to stay alert and use your brains to be successful. It is a win to win game. At the initial stage of blogging life there are many problems and challenges that reflect the only thing to overcome these challenges is to fight against them. Not only at the initial stage bloggers face problems but even when they become popular to be called as professional bloggers then too challenges arise. So at each and every stage of blogging there are challenges. It is left to you how you can overcome these challenges to make the blogging experience smooth and steady.

Challenges Faced by Professional Bloggers in India

Professional Bloggers

Here I will list down some of the important challenges that professional bloggers face while doing blogging.

1. Lack of technical knowledge

Most of the professional bloggers are not technically sound enough to know the technical aspects of blogging. When I tell technical aspects it means that Java or CSS knowledge or HTML or web designing etc. These are some of the technical aspects which will help you to grow better when you know them. Most of the people lack technical knowledge since they are not from technical background or computer science background. So this is a challenge as well as a problem when it doesn’t gets resolved.

2. Lack of professional English

There are two kinds of English one is ordinary English and other is professional English that is needed to write quality articles and product reviews. So most of the Indian bloggers lack the knowledge of using quality English words and phrases while preparing their articles for blogs.

3. Maintaining the blog

Maintaining the blog up to date and seeing it there is no problems arising also is a challenge because everyone cannot fully maintain their websites and blogs. There will be some kind of problems popping out.

4. Maintaining the Alexa rank

It is one of the most important point that I would like to throw light upon. Maintaining a steady Alexa rank and reducing it more and more to get highly competitive ranking is a challenge. Now most of the professional Indian bloggers do not post or create articles everyday due to lack of time so it harms your Alexa rank. So maintaining the Alexa rank itself is a challenge for professional bloggers.

5. Blogging continuously

Most of the professional Indian bloggers do not blog everyday. In a week they prepare two or three articles for their websites or blog this will pamper your Alexa rank. So maintaining a steady blogging experience by creating and publishing new articles everyday helps your blog to grow. So blogging continuously is a challenge today in this time oriented world.

6. Search engine optimization

Another important point that is really important to rank your articles better in Google and other search engines is effective search engine optimisation. Most of the Indian professional bloggers lack SEO knowledge and thus fail to deliver the content to the right audience at the right time.

7. Lack of multi-niche knowledge

We can see only a few multi-niche blogs coming up when compared to single niche blogs. Professional bloggers lack the knowledge of multi-niche or multi-category articles rendering and creating articles for multiple people. Their knowledge is only fixed to a particular niche. So lack of multi-niche knowledge doesn’t help them to grow.

8. Spelling and grammatical mistakes

Even a professional blogger makes small mistakes even if he or she is a professional blogger. We are humans we tend to make mistakes. It is not that we all are perfect. So while creating articles and writing quality product reviews some mistakes pose a challenge to professional bloggers. People do not have sufficient time to go through their articles that they have created to point out spelling and grammatical mistakes and correct them. This becomes a challenge.

9. Maintaining family VS blogging

It is a crucial step to maintain everything smoothly. There might be family problems arising. So you cannot mix your family problems in your career of blogging or vice versa. Personal problems should be kept separately and treated in personal life itself without mixing it with professional career. So maintaining the family and professional blogging career seems to be a hard task for everyone.

10. Effective link sharing

Most of the Indian professional bloggers do not share their links of articles in social networking sites which cause trouble in the field of social SEO. For better rankings and search engine optimisation it is highly essential to share your article links that you create. Most of the professional bloggers do not get sufficient time to share links which pose a challenge.

11. Effective monetization of advertisements

Indian professional bloggers don’t know exactly where to place the advertisements offered by Google AdSense or direct advertisements. This will reduce the earning capacity of the blogs for which they write. So knowledge of effective monetization techniques is a key challenge to professional bloggers.

12. Over Confidence

over confidence leads no where so most bloggers feel that they have already grown and show lack of interest in blogging which is a serious challenge.


So these are some of the challenges faced by most of the professional bloggers who are blogging full-time making a career in blogging. In my next article I’ll be sharing the tips and tricks that will help most of the professional Indian bloggers to overcome these challenges for the better career ahead in the field of blogging. I hope this article has helped you to know some of the common problems faced by most of the professional bloggers. If you liked this article share among your friends on various social networking sites. If you feel this blog is worth reading quality articles you can subscribe to this blog which will help you to stay updated with more quality articles. If you have any suggestion in mind feel free to comment using the comment box.

Challenges Faced by Professional Bloggers in India

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