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After doing research for a quite long time I have come up with a solution which can benefit thousands of people who are doing online chatting with Facebook , Twitter or other chatting applications like nimbuzz , Rocketalk , wechat etc. wherever you go to do online chatting you meet different types of people. Some people belong to your own country and some belong to foreign country. The thing is we all do chatting day and night with our friends online but we don’t do chatting in a right way. If we do chatting to learn some new things or new words developing our vocabulary of English than we all become professionals in English.

Chatting Improve Your English


Chatting has advantages and disadvantages. But one of the advantages you can extract from chatting is learning good English-speaking to English people available online to chat. You can chat with anyone but make sure you are chatting with English person that means people who are born and bought a in English countries like United States , United Kingdom etc.

How can chatting improve your english vocabulary

Let’s discuss how chatting can improve your English vocabulary to a great extent if you’re really focused on to learn English online free of cost. The thing is in order to learn quality English you must chat with English people or develop chatting habits in English chat rooms which are easily available online in any application or in any websites.

1. Your concentration improves

Usually when people start each other they pay more attention rather than paying attention a new coaching class or in schools or colleges. So chatting helps you to focus on each words and sentences that people share with each other.

2. You learn new English words

When you initiate a chat with the English person or in English groups you see different persons sharing simple sentences using complicated words. This complicated words may sound complicated initially but a single complicated word brings a sentence in it. So speak less by using less number of quality words to improve your English vocabulary online.

3. Excellent environment

If you chat in good English chatting groups or forums. People try to welcome you and support you if you’re dull in English. Try to share your problem with the people online so that they could help you creating excellent online forum to chat with.

4. Free of cost

Another important thing to focus is learning English without paying a single penny. You learn English by chatting that is free of cost instead of paying huge amount of money to tutorial agencies or to English guides or teachers. Only Internet is needed to initiate a chat.

5. Motivation and support

If you join good English chat rooms or communities than people try to motivate you to learn much better English. This can only happen if there is mutual understanding and co-operation between all the members of the group.

6. Easy to learn

You can learn very easily just you need to find a good English chatroom or download any social media chatting software or application and get started. Make sure you chat with good speaking people who have good English vocabulary.

7. Sometimes individual chats are good

Individual chats or private messages can motivate an individual to learn English. If you have added a new friend in any of the English chat room and willing to chat by messaging privately than it is really good start. Make sure you do chatting continuously.

8. 24 x 7 learning

There is no end to online chat rooms. There are hundreds of English chat rooms online available. There is no timing to enter in any of the chat room. You can enter and leave the chat room any time as per your requirement. Nobody will force you to join or leave the chat room until and unless you be polite and good individual.

9. Continuous activity

Today you join chatting with anybody you like the experience of the chatting. The other day you repeat the same. So chatting is continuous. So you’re learning impacts to a greater extent when you join chat multiple times in a single day or any other day.

10. Interact with different people in English chats

In a single English chat room you experience different types of people available. You can chat with multiple people if you’re bored chatting. So instead to ignore chatting you could chat different individual in the same group and learn few English grammar or vocabulary from the particular person. In this way you meet different people of same kind but different character. So you will know the differences spoken in English by multiple people.

11. Results are really fast

Suppose you join chatting today in any of the English chat room. Within a couple of days you will see the difference in you. You will change the way you speak. You will learn some quality English words that is really essential. So the results obtained are really fast. You yourself will know the changes happening when you speak or interact with your fellow mate in your own country. More time you spend more you learn.

Improve english

If you’re really poor in English and do not learn English even after doing lot of English chatting than start writing the English words that are used most commonly in chat rooms so that writing can help you to improve your English little bit. Write quality English words and do research to locate their meanings. Try to frame sentences adding quality words that you got.

So this is how you try to enjoy and learn English either grammar or quality vocabulary words that is difficult to find. There are many other methods to learn English online but I felt this method is really easy to do so as it encourages people to chat and learn which is a very good exercise.

If you feel there is some other method which is really helpful similar to this you can share your feedback using comments. If you find this information really helpful do subscribe to the blog.

How Can Chatting Improve Your English Vocabulary

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