Everyone uses cloud storage and physical storage but which one is the best, each storage has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most of us want more storage to store the files but we lack the storage space is the most common problem of all. Many people don’t want to spend a penny on the storage media but due to the forced circumstances we are forced to spend it.

It also depend upon the data  what the user has if the data is large the storage medium is required more if the data is small the requirement is less. It also depend upon the nature of the people and their habitat for example people under 18 years age prefer to play games the most so there is a requirement of the data that is the setup file of the game, age group of 18 to 30 belong to the working-class people or business class their usages depend upon the system requirement and what career they are into.


There are two medium of storage available to the user that is

Physical storage

Cloud storage


Physical storage

storing the data into pen drive, hard disc, compact disc, Digital versatile disc, external storage media etc. Physical storage medium is easy to store and to access the files easily with the one allows the user to share files with speed. This requires the hardware to store the data manually by the user and there is a cost involved in it that is the cost of the hardware such as pen drive or hard disk.


Problems involved in physical storage

Cost of hardware is involved

The hardware can be stolen or theft easily

Virus attacks are more common in the hardware as it allows the user to connect the hardware to the other computer systems

Wear and tear of the hardware

Proper maintenance of the hardware is involved


Cloud storage

It is the modern media of storage popular nowadays and it is the upcoming trend in the market. The Cloud storage allows the user to store the data online and real-time, the user needs to upload the data to the Cloud storage system software, with the help of the Internet the data is uploaded to the Cloud server of the system software. Some Cloud storage server is available for free and some are paid but it is left to the user to choose the right cloud server depending upon the data requirement.

The Cloud storage server uploads the data slowly when compared to physical medium storage and also depend upon the Internet connectivity speed for the upload to happen quickly

Examples for cloud storage such as Google drive, dropbox etc.


Problems associated with cloud storage

Data upload is slow

Internet connection is required

Not applicable to the areas where Internet revolution has not been developed

Storage limit is less, needs more advancement

Data retrieving a slow


By looking at the both the storage we come to the conclusion that both the storage requirement is important in a particular situation at the right time in the right place to support the user effectively. The user needs to have both the storage for effective data storage and independence and not only restricted to a particular storage medium.