In order to create a bot for nimbuzz chatroom you need to have the following;
1.A chat room
2.A bot server id like or kpv or any other.
3.Make your bot id as new nimbuzz user signup, make sure your id which is to be created is fake.Creating bot id is same as you create new nimbuzz id so don’t panic.
Add a server id to your contacts,then open server id private and type HELP for commands.

1.Join bot id to chatroom
2.Then type call#botid#botidpassword#roomname in the server Id . This should be done in private chat of server id.
3.Wait for some time
4.Then you will see bot added to chatroom
5.Make your bot member of chatroom.


bot id is the id you created as fake id from nimbuzz and botid password is the password for the id you created.
Don’t use your working personal nimbuzz id for adding bot it will get blocked.
Servers are easily available for free when you join many chat rooms you may get messages to add servers.

How To Create Nimbuzz Bot Video