how to cut opponents kites : kite fighting competition tricks and tips

I will discuss about interesting part about kites that is kite competition and how to cut your opponent kites with your own kite. If you’re proficient in flying kites than fighting with kites in the sky is little bit easy but not as easy as you think. We see various kites flying in the sky apart from our kite but only if you fly kite without participating in kite fighting competitions and cutting other kites than it sounds boring only when you simply fly kite. Also if you’re simply flying kite without cutting other kites than your opponents may cut your kite so instead of they coming and cutting our kite let’s be brave and cut their kite. Usually in India kite fighting is called using the word “Pench” that means to participate in competition of kite cutting. If you shout loudly when flying kite pench pench than the other opponent things that you are interested in kite fighting so opponent will bring his kite near to your kite in order to fight with your kite likewise competition exist between the members of the family flying from different buildings or houses, neighbour to neighbour, friends etc. when we see the sky it seems to be colourful and dangerous when kite fighting takes place in the sky. If you’re really new to kite fighting than chances exist that your kite might be cutted by your stronger opponents using same thread called “Manja” in India or “Panda” thread or “Plastic thread popularly called as Chinese manja”.

Kite Fighting Tips

Let’s focus more about kite fighting thread that is commonly used in kite fighting competitions to cut other opponents kite. When we usually cut our opponents we feel happy and pleased but the other opponent will not give up trying unless that opponent cut your kite. He or she will fly another kite once first kite gets cut. Likewise kite flying competition prevail entire day.

Threads that is used in kite fighting competition

Here I would like to talk about the threads that are commonly used in kite fighting competition. These threads are sharp , powerful, coated with glass pieces, shiny, crisp and dangerous too. Here I like to list the types of threads

1.”Manja” thread –

This is most common type of thread that is prevailing from ancient days when Indian people are flying kites. This is the first thread in India that came into existence. Manja is not a ready-made thread available in petty shops to acquire but this thread is purely prepared by the flyer of the kite after accessing the competition strength. This thread is coated glass pieces and dried in hot sun to make it crisp and sharp. The ingredients involved in making this thread are tube light Crushed into smaller chunks , charas , colour added etc. so charas is heated about half an hour to one hour. Once this charas is melted than color is added to the container of the heated charas and mixed well. Now they will add thread roll to the mixture and they will remove the thread after it is fully coated with the mixture. So the mixture gets stuck like a jelly to the thread. The roll of the thread will the in the mixture container itself only the thread will be removed and stretched across empty place and coated with glass in the hot sun. So the glass powder get stuck to the thread like rubber . Once this thread gets dried than they would roll back the thread and start flying the kite.

2. Bareilly thread

Other ready-made common thread used for flying kite is Bareilly named thread. This was after manja thread. Unlike manja Bareilly thread was expected to be much powerful than manja thread which is made with high quality ingredients by the kite manufacturing companies. This thread also was sharp, classy , strong, powerful. It had the capacity to cut manja thread. In this thread big kites was not flied more.

3. Panda thread

This was the other type of ready-made thread which is most popular even today due to its sharpness , quality , power. Thickness etc. this thread had the capacity to cut manja thread as well as Bareilly thread at a single shot span of time. This thread was usually in fat and colourful. You can see many colours in a single roll. Usually the colours where dark. This thread has the capacity to fly big kites.

4. Plastic thread commonly called as “China thread”

After the arrival of panda than comes ready-made plastic thread which was soft , smooth and sometimes sharp . This thread is still existing now in India and in many other places. This thread is very powerful and has the capacity to cut manja , Bareilly, panda and other sorts of thread very easily. This thread can even used in rain when flying a kite nothing happens to this thread because it’s made up of plastic coated with colour and small glass pieces. Till today there was no other kite thread launched after plastic thread. This become a super hit thread all over India. With this thread you can fly any type of the kite size either big, small medium, large, extra-large kites. It is difficult to cut with hands this thread.

My recommendation to you is to use plastic thread to fly kite in the competition in order to cut your opponents kite easily. Today most of the opponents are fighting kites with plastic thread only but there are some tricks and tips that you can use in certain conditions which will cut plastic thread using panda or Bareilly or manja thread.

How to cut plastic thread with manja , Bareilly or Panda thread ?

how to cut opponents kites kite fighting competition tricks and tips

Now will tell you successful tips to cut plastic thread easily using other threads. This tips and tricks will only work when there is no air or little air in the sky when kites doesn’t fly to high or when the kites are crying to fly high but no air . You have to put your kite thread under your opponents kite thread and pull your kite thread very fast without allowing him to leave his thread fast. So as soon as you pull your thread very fast then within fraction of seconds his kite will be cut. I recommend you to fly small kite usually plastic kites in order to pull fast because plastic kites can be pulled very fast instead of paper kites.

Kite Fighting Competition Tricks and Tips

This is the most important part that every competitor must read in order to get successful in the kite fighting competition in order to cut other opponents kite. This tips and tricks is used by me since 10 years. So I’m cutting kites for a very long time. Usually this tips will benefit Indian kite flyers but other countries members can also implement this and provide me the feedback if it is working or not.

Situation one

Cutting by pulling

kite fighting

In this method you’ll cutting other opponent kite by pulling your thread very fast in the competition between two kites. One kite your and other your opponents kite. You have to bring your thread bottom of the opponents kite thread and pull very fast your thread so that due to friction his kite get cut. This method is only available when there is low air . So when the passage of air is less try to implement this method. It really works. We should not give a chance to your opponent to leave his thread on top of your thread very fast. You have to “keel pench” Indian word to pull the kite.

Situation two

Cutting by leaving thread

kite fighting competition tricks and tips

Over here you to fly the kite very top and ask your opponent also to come to a great height and you have to put your kite thread on top of your opponents kite thread and leave your thread very fast without pulling. This is also known as “mail pench” in India. So for you to get succeeded fair amount of air is necessary.

Situation three

Cutting by leaving thread in fast air flow

When the amount of air is exceeded or is too high than you have to put your thread of your kite bottom of the thread of your opponents kite and leave your thread from the roll very fast. This is also called as “keel pench” in India. This really works when there is a huge amount of air in the sky. You have two leave thread very fast and your opponents kite will cut very fast. This happens because when leaving a kite the air pushes the kite very fast in this way your opponents kite will be on top of your kite where the amount of air will be filling less. So due to high friction the kite will cut.

Situation four

In this method you will be doubling your thread of your opponents kite thread and leaving your thread from the roll very fast. In this way too much friction happens when one kite gets mixed with other kite and your thread gets mixed with your opponents thread. In order to win the race you must have very sharp and glass coated thread .

So here are some of the methods that really work. Am using this methods in order to cut other opponent kites. Depending upon the situation you need to invoke any of the tips and tricks given by me. You really succeed when you follow these methods carefully. It may happen that sometimes in rare situations my tricks will fail due to the opponents thread being stronger than yours or your opponent kite is bigger than your. I recommend you to fly bigger kites which are good for cutting small kites and the too big kites. Because big kites usually will be of great weight , power , strength .

I hope this methods, tips, tricks of cutting other kites really help you succeeding in dominating the entire sky in the kite fighting competition. I usually use this tips and tricks in order to dominate my opponent over me in the kite fighting competition.

Do you have better methods ? Kindly suggest using comment box or contact me directly so that I could update your own kite fighting methods in order to cut other kites. I ensure that you really enjoyed reading this article.

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