Monetize Youtube Videos Automatically

You can monetize all new YouTube videos that you upload automatically. Monetization is an important parameter for better revenue and growth. There are various methods where you can monetize your YouTube videos.

How to Monetize YouTube Videos

One method is to monetize individually by going to video manager and selecting the video to be monetized the other option is to monetize bulk YouTube videos that are not monetized at one stretch from the video manager and selecting all the videos for monetization.

Default Monetize All New Youtube Video Uploads Automatically

The first method consumes a lot of time where you have to go to video manager and select your YouTube video and click edit button on the video which will give you sub options like info and settings and other options. You choose info and settings and you’ll be landed on the editing page of the video which will give you sub options like basic info, translations, monetize and advanced settings. You choose monetize and enable monetization for a single video as shown in the picture.

The second method bulk monetizing all your videos that you have already uploaded. By going to video manager, and under the video manager click videos to display all your videos. Select all the videos and click actions. Under actions you will be able to find sub options for monetization as shown in the picture. This method is not applicable for future YouTube video uploads.

Monetize All Video Uploads


The last method is to default monetize all your new uploaded YouTube videos automatically even for future use. Whenever you upload a new video YouTube will default monetize that particular video.

Monetize Youtube Videos Automatically

Monetize All Video Uploads – YouTube

Let us setup default monetize on all new YouTube video uploads. Follow the given instructions here.

1. The first step is to sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Once you’re signed in. Go to creator studio option located under your YouTube channel name.

3. Click on creator studio.

4. When you click on creator studio you’ll find some sub options. One of the sub option is channel.

5. Click on channel to find sub options under channel. Click upload defaults.

6. In upload defaults page you will be able to set monetization parameters like monetization with the ads, all the ad monetization formats and ad breaks.

7. Tick and select your default parameter whenever a new video is uploaded by you in your YouTube channel and click on save on top of the page to save the default settings that you have changed.

Default Monetize All New YouTube Video Uploads Automatically

Watch the video for clear step by step instructions.


I hope this information would be helpful for your YouTube channel regarding default YouTube monetization methods and techniques. Share your experiences relating to YouTube monetization in the comments.


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