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In my previous posts we have discussed How to Download YouTube Videos on Android with UC Web Browser But in this post we will focus on how to download videos in UC web browser for PC. UC web browser being one of the best and fastest browser has helped millions of people. The PC version of UC web browser added more functionality by integrating download option within it instead of manually installing video download software programs and extensions in your PC as well as web browser. The default download built-in option available on UC web browser proves its excellence in downloading videos with just one click on the orange download button.

When the UC web browser was launched earlier it was only available for mobile devices and it proved to satisfy billions of mobile users in terms of speed. Now expanding their business operations they have launched UC web browser for PC users which gives a solid competition on other web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini and many more. The functionality and the speed offered by UC browser is remarkable.

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Download Videos in UC Web Browser for PC

Here is a quick guide to download videos on UC browser for PC.

1. You need to download and install UC browser for PC available on this link.


Download Videos in UC Web Browser for PC

2. Then open your use your UC web browser on your PC that is installed.

3. Visit YouTube or daily motion or any other website that supports UC video download and search the video that you wanted to download. When you open the video you’ll find orange download button.

download videos in uc


4. When you click on orange download button you will see a list of video formats to download ranging from high-quality to low. You can select the desired video format to download that particular video.

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Advantages of video download in PC UC web browser

1. This method helps you to download videos faster.

2. This method doesn’t require to download any software or browser add-on or extensions. The only thing you need is a UC web browser installed on your PC.

3. This method is easy to follow and carry out as you have to only play the video and the orange download bar pops up to download video in multiple video quality formats.

Disadvantages of video download in PC UC web browser

1. This method is only available for PC/laptop/desktop users.

2. This method applies only to a single web browser called UC web browser for PC.

3. This method is applicable only to few video streaming websites like YouTube, daily motion and others. I tried testing this on YouTube and daily motion which works perfectly fine. Not sure about other video streaming websites.

This is a quick review about video download option in UC web browser.

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Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this article. If you have similar video download tips or techniques do let us know through comments. If you find this information helpful to share with your friends.

download videos in uc web

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