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After receiving many e-mails from many guest bloggers to my blog for guest blogging arrived me at a conclusion to create this article. Guest blogging has become one of the major potential today where new bloggers can express their own articles in other blogs that are fully setup and good to go. Guest bloggers are rising day by day due to the new blogs coming up. Everybody wants to create their own reputation and backlinks by guest posting on other blogs. However guest blogging is a merit based activity which benefit both Webmasters as well as guest bloggers it has some shortfall that makes our decision change when we know about it. In my previous article I have spoken about the advantages of guest blogging but in this article I will concentrate on disadvantages of guest blogging ? , Why guest blogging is not a boom ? , Disadvantages of guest blogging to Webmasters ? , Disadvantages of guest blogging to guest bloggers ? . Demerits and shortfalls in guest blogging ? , Why guest blogging is considered as a mistake ?. So the answers to these can be obtained by reading the rest of the article.

Guest Blogging Problems

Drawbacks of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a perfect activity to build traffic from other blogs , create high quality backlinks , move the audience from one blog to another , create own reputation but apart from this guest blogging pose harm and danger to the following people. Guest blogging can harm both Webmasters as well as guest bloggers. Let’s check out the demerits that each group of people face.

Problems of guest blogging to Webmasters

Firstly I would concentrate on Webmasters than I would elaborate the topic towards guest bloggers so that there is no confusion created. Also it helps you to understand much more better.

Webmasters or blog owners face certain threats from guest blogging these are

1. Their audience or traffic of the particular blog start to move from their blog to another blog which is of guest blogging. So decrease in traffic is the problem. However guest blogging increases the traffic because guest bloggers contribute many articles which is good for search engines rankings but it also reduces your traffic and your blog readers because if any guest blogger writes a quality article which can benefit all than the people from your blog start reading the articles which is hosted on guest bloggers blog.

2. Sometimes guest bloggers do not follow the rules and regulations of guest blogging. Instead of creating their own new article they try to copy each and every word from other websites or blogs so auditing of things is a crucial step which poses a challenge to all the Webmasters.

3. Time management – time is one of the important factor that should be used wisely. If there are many guest bloggers writing many blog post for Webmasters blog than too much audit is required which consumes more time. So in this way you will not get sufficient time to manage everything.

4. Lack of interest to write articles Webmasters start writing good and quality articles one after the another and the sequence is built without any delay but once they get addicted to guest blogging than the situation changes. Instead of concentrating on writing more on their own blog they simply publish the articles of guest bloggers so the lack of interest in creating new articles is gone away.

5. Lack of quality guest bloggers – guest blogging should be made as a passion instead of sharing backlinks or moving traffic from one blog to another. So lack of quality guest bloggers harm Webmaster blog to a great extent.

6. Lack of quality articles that are posted by Guest bloggers – passionate guest bloggers are few in number. Guest bloggers are mostly new bloggers who lack knowledge about writing quality articles so Webmasters website or blog quality decreases. If old and passionate guest bloggers arise then Webmasters blog can be successful.

So these are some of the disadvantages that the Webmasters or blog owners face from guest blogging. Now let’s talk about the disadvantages caused to the guest bloggers.

Problems of guest blogging to guest bloggers

Here is the list of the threats that are faced by Guest bloggers who guest blog on other famous blogs or websites.

1. A part from getting backlinks guest blogger contribution to other blogs fail because the respect that the normal and blogger gets cannot be the same as in case of guest bloggers.

2. Guest bloggers are many a times ignored for guest blogging by many successful blogs. Guest blogging people contact the Webmasters for guest blogging and many a times they are not given the opportunity to guest blog.

3. Building someone’s blog with your articles – guest bloggers focus on other blog rather than focusing on their own blogs. If each and every guest blogger focus on their own needs and belongings of their particular blog than they could achieve remarkable progress.

4. Writing few articles in guest blogging means nothing. Most of the guest bloggers write only a few articles in other blogs which damage their own reputation. More the articles more reputation you get.

5. Revenue sharing program – sometimes due to the huge success of any article that has written by the guest blogger allows the Webmaster to share a part of revenue to the guest bloggers. So the revenue share given to the guest blogger is very less. Major portion of the revenue share is taken by the Webmaster.

6. Guest bloggers cannot write their own articles using their own guidelines. They are bound to respect the guidelines given by the Webmasters.

7. Building a career in guest blogging has less scope rather than building a career in successful and professional full-time blogging. Career importance plays a vital role which everybody wants to focus.

8. Sometimes disputes arises between the guest bloggers and Webmasters due to many reasons. So there is no smooth functioning of guest blogging.

9. The process of guest blogging is complicated most of the time which demotivates the guest blogger in writing articles for other blogs. Better and effective procedure should be laid so that guest blogging can be made simple and easy.

So these are the some of the important problems that are faced by many guest bloggers who try to build their reputation on other blogs. I hope you got some knowledge about guest blogging and its disadvantages.

Drawbacks of Guest Blogging

My suggestion

I like to present my suggestion on the topic of guest blogging. I don’t want people to guest blog on other blogs or famous websites just for getting quality backlinks or for writing one or two articles to capture audience only. A message to all the guest bloggers and authors “the talent lies in you also. Try to cultivate the habit of writing quality articles on your own blog regularly and following some good search engine optimization practices for better rankings in search engines”. My message to all famous professional blogs who accept guest blogging “motivate guest bloggers to start their own websites or blogs and encourage and help them with the things required instead of allowing them simply for guest blogging”this is how you build blogging as a career option globally. Let full-time professional bloggers rise in more number rather than half-time or part-time guest bloggers.

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