How To Be Famous On Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is one of the chatting application that is available worldwide. Millions of people exist on nimbuzz for the sake of chatting and meeting new people daily. It has become one of the hot spot place for everyone to gather. Nimbuzz contains many chat rooms where people arrive from different countries. Some chat rooms are private and some chat rooms are public. Private chat rooms cannot be joined by anybody unless and until they know the password to unlock the room. Public chat rooms can be entered by anybody by without password but by entering CAPTCHA code.

How To Be Famous On Nimbuzz

In fact everybody want to be famous on nimbuzz because millions of people exist on nimbuzz covering in many chat rooms worldwide. Nimbuzz is not only available for the handsets , mobile devices but also available for download for PCs , laptops and tablets. Some people think that purchasing a stylish ID and owning a chat room on top position can enable you to be famous. But you might be famous for sometime but to be constant enough in your effort you must follow a certain guidelines and tips to be famous on nimbuzz.

Nimbuzz Famous

Here are some of the tips that you must follow in order to be famous on nimbuzz easily without much effort.

1. Be true.

Whenever you chat or interact with anybody in nimbuzz tell your true details about yourself when you are introducing yourself to other persons.

2. Do not disturb other members

Users who disturb other members any of the chat rooms will be banned either by owners or moderators. So do not play fun with other members.

3. Create a proper ID

Creating fake IDs and stylish ID will never work for long period. Create that kind of nimbuzz ID which can be recognised to your own name. Some people create funny ID which sounds unnatural and fake which leads to nowhere.

4. Create a proper profile

Creating your nimbuzz profile efficiently and effectively by uploading your picture and providing necessary details required will help you to be true always. So your ID looks genuine and original.

5. Do not abuse members

In many chat rooms people abuse other members for simple reasons. If any member abuses you can ignore that member. That option is available on nimbuzz . If you are owner or moderator of any chat room you can even ban the selected member who abuses.

6. Do not chat bad stuff

Chatting bad things on nimbuzz is most common. Most people do that. But in order to be famous in any where you must try to chat good things and learn from the experience of other members.

7. Do not ask owners or moderators for ownership or


Most people do this. Whenever they enter in any chat room they ask for ownership or moderatorship. It is not good way to approach. If the owner or moderator feels that you deserve to be owner or moderator then they might make you. You asking for it doesn’t sound effective.

8. Create a new and effective chat rooms

There are many chat rooms existing on nimbuzz. Some chat rooms are famous because they spent nimbucks to be in a popular list of chat rooms. That’s not an effective way to manage any chat room. You must try to create a chat room that benefits everybody who enter. Like knowledge sharing chat room or some experience sharing chat room which helps to build the knowledge or career of people. Try to research and make use best out of it creating an stabilized and effective chat rooms to help people.

9. Chat More

How much you chat you meet more people on nimbuzz. So you be famous because many people know you.

10. Learn from chatting.

You can learn many things from chatting. Sometimes chatting help you to develop excellent English vocabulary if you chat using English. Sometimes chatting helps you to make some new and good friends. So whenever you interact with people you learn and it is interesting to learn in chatting which will help you to motivate further.

11. Make good moderators and owners

You can also be famous when you make good people as your chat room owners or moderators. Good people will help you to succeed anywhere instead of making fake and bad people.

12. Fight for a social cause

There are many problems faced by many category of people across the globe. So creating a chat room or fighting for peace can help you to be famous. Try to find solutions to the problems that people face and discuss it in chat room to help people.

13. Socialize and interact

You must try to open up yourself by interacting with the many people as you can belonging to different countries so that people know who you are ? , What you expect from them ? etc. even this can help you to be famous.

14. Be polite and display your own good character

Politeness and character can help you to win the game anywhere you go. So displaying your good character to people will help people to get motivated and attracted to you.

15. Be Regular

Be regular and consistent to nimbuzz. Login daily and interact with people.

16. Following the chat room guidelines effectively will show that you are a good user and interested in chatting.

So here are some of the tips which will help you to be famous on nimbuzz irrespective of buying stylish ID or buying nimbucks to boost your chat room if you started any chat room if any.

I hope this article has helped you to discover some great tips about being famous on nimbuzz. This tips are very simple and common but most people don’t know. Even if people know this they don’t try to apply it. Whoever applies this tips they will surely be famous on nimbuzz.

Nimbuzz Famous

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