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It has been since one year now that I have completed my blogging journey on . This article is purely meant to share my experiences about blogging in the year 2014. I’m happy to announce that my blog is now one year old. After blogging continuously for one year I can say that blogging is key to enrich our content which benefits visitors.


This all started when I used to search some information on the Internet. I could see websites as well as blogs. I did not knew at the time what are the differences between a blog and a website. I used to get my information from these websites and blogs and quit it. I didn’t knew what blogging actually is all about. I did a solid research on blogging and blogs which impressed me to join blogging.


My blog was started in the month of January. At the course of the time I did not knew what blogging is actually all about . I just started my blog with my own savings of fuel of my bike. These fuel savings was maintained during my graduation time. I rode my bike slow and save fuel. With this fuel savings I started my own blog. I was searching for some of the best hosting provider and domain name provider which I can associate. So in the meanwhile I located hostgator being one of the top web hosting provider company. I read the reviews about hostgator services and henceforth I decided to go for hostgator. I didn’t knew anything how do I actually get started. I was researching on Google and watching couple of YouTube videos about how to start our own blog from scratch. So this motivated me to bring my own blog in the eyes of search engines.

First Year Blogging Journey 2014 - Blogging Career

Initially 2 to 3 months were only dedicated to design and setup of my blog. Nobody was actually there to help me out. I didn’t knew anything. I used to spend hours on the Internet and YouTube in order to setup my blog fully. I didn’t want to spend additional expenses for setting up my blog like hiring a technical assistant or asking top bloggers for consultancy services to my blog. In low-budget itself I wanted to manage everything. So I decided I will learn and carry out my stuff.


At the initial launch of my blog there were no visitors who wanted to visit my blog because no one knew it. I didn’t want to share it even on social networking sites because I wanted to carry out this picture after setting up my blog fully. So initial 2 to 3 months was gifted only to theme selection and design of my blog. Moving on further I decided to write content for my blog. This was another big challenge. I don’t know what people was actually interested in. I wrote a couple of technology articles initially to see the response of the visitors but my articles were really small and not in detail unlike professional bloggers. So content was a big challenge after my blog setup.


Later another big challenge was getting approved for Google AdSense. In order to get associated with Google AdSense you need to qualify their terms and conditions. They didn’t approve my blog at the initial stage because it was not having any content. I applied for Google AdSense through YouTube hosted account and I was approved and later on linking my hosted account to my blog. I gave much importance to content of my blog than I was approved by Google AdSense. The day was the big happiness in my life when my Google AdSense account was approved.


Further moving on after successfully changing my blog content and catering to the needs of the visitors I could see some traffic coming to my blog. This traffic was only from social networking sites which I shared my articles. The another challenge was organic traffic which I could get from search engines so I installed various WordPress plug-ins to boost the traffic and optimise my articles based on the search engine requirement.


And now after writing couple of articles I could feel that blogging is excellent. Now I have got everything what I could expect for. I have visitors and subscribers who were were well-known to my blog. Now my blog traffic has increased drastically. There were good comments coming up from the visitors point of view in reference to each article that I have written which was that they are actually liking the articles.

Blogging Career

Another big challenge is faced was earnings from my blog. I have read couple of successful stories from top bloggers telling that they didn’t earned anything first year of blogging. So this was a challenge for me. I was able to gather my earnings of my investment in my blog in the first year itself. The first earnings were from the affiliate sale of themify themes and the rest was from Google AdSense. Within one year itself I received both the earnings. My first earnings and my second earning. I was really happy to see my earnings. But according to me it is not the earnings which matters. The most important thing which matters is the content and your reputation through blogging. Initially you may not an anything but if you’re really work on it in couple of years you can your earnings boosting up to lakhs of rupees. There are various top bloggers earnings lakhs of rupees. These bloggers were not born as bloggers they struggled hard to achieve their success. So earnings doesn’t matter in initial stage.


Another thing was about YouTube. I tried to create YouTube videos about tech tutorials and various other stuff which I feel that it is important to share in my content of my blog. Always the content doesn’t signify what a person actually conveys and the visitor may not understand exactly so adding up images and videos on the content of articles could help the visitor to simplify the content especially the technical aspect of article. Now the earnings were also coming from my YouTube channel.


So this is about my blogging journey in the year 2014. It was really tough time for me to go through it because it is initial stage of blogging.


The message I wanted to convey before I conclude my article is try to motivate youngsters to carry out blogging as a career option or teenager should be motivated to carry out at least free blogs to learn the importance of blogging. Kids should be thought about blogs and websites so that it blogging industry booms up. I feel that at my age is too old to start blogging as I wanted to do it at an early age.

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