How To Fly Indian Kites – Easy Steps To Fly Kites

Are you person who gets bored always ? Want to entertain yourself and your friends ? Pass your time easily ? Than you could learn how to fly Indian kite and entertain yourself and your friends who are with you when flying kite. So in this article I’ll be focusing on entertaining things that could bring joy and laughter in your life. Kites can be flied by anyone irrespective of any age. Kites usually are entertaining to children who use kites as their main entertaining instrument. Kites usually comes in various types including Indian kites, Chinese kites, dragon kites etc but here in this article I’ll be focusing about Indian kites which is most commonly used kites in India. However you can fly kites at your own destination or at any country depending upon the size and requirement of the kite that you buy. Flying an Indian kite is a hobby of many Indians. Let’s bring this hobby into passion so every time you fly a kite you think passion not a hobby. Passion carries more weight than hobby so convert your all hobbies into passion so that you become proficient in your hobbies. In this article I will show you easy steps that you could follow in order to entertain yourself and fly an Indian kite. It takes time to get proficient and experienced with kites but however they can be learned easily once you follow the above steps that I’m going to tell.

How To Fly Indian Kites – Easy Steps To Fly Kites

what is an indian kites ?

Indian kite is one of the type of kite that is flied in India. It is just a piece of coloured paper bonded with two light bamboo sticks. So this is what we call an Indian kite. Indian kites comes in different sizes, colours . It can be only flied by those who know to fly. In India mostly in banaras , Gujarat , Bangalore etc kites are seen more.

What is the price of an Indian kite ?

Indian kites comes in various sizes and colors. Usually kites can be categorized into plastic kites and paper kites. Plastic kites is made of a plastic cover and have good support strength than paper kites. But the main competition kite fighting than paper kites outperform plastic kites. So the price of the kite starts from two rupees , four rupees , five rupees , eight rupees, fifteen rupees, twenty-five rupees , thirty rupees , forty rupees etc. smaller the price of the kite smaller the size. So it is feasible to purchase those kites which are starting from five rupees and more rather than going for small amounts.

How to Make a Kite myself ?

Yes you can make yourself Indian kite. But the kite won’t be as good as ready-made kite and it won’t fly properly. So I recommend buying the kite from a petty shop near to your place. It hardly cost 5 to 10 rupees.

Things you should have before flying an Indian kite ?

These are some of the things that you really need to have before you could successfully fly a kite.

Easy Steps To Fly Kites
1. Kite thread or Indian kite thread popularly known as Manja.

You need kite thread to fly a kite. The kite thread should be strong enough to fly a kite. If you’re participating in a competition to cut other kites than you have to purchase Manja thread which is coated by glass pieces which can cut other kites. At the beginning stage of learning to fly kite I recommend to buy a strong thread which is soft and can hold the kite properly.

2. You need three members

One member to fly kite , other to roll the thread and other member to hold your kite at a long-distance .At initial stage you must have three members but later once you learn than you alone can fly a kite and roll the thread yourself. Members can be children, brothers, sisters, family members , neighbours or friends.

3. You need at least 2 to 3 kites

Why I recommend more kites because if one kite broke than you can use other one. Initially I recommend to buy plastic kites because it can’t be torn easily and is very good for learning to fly kites. Plastic kites are little cheaper than paper kites but however some design plastic kites are costly. So go for simple plastic kites.

4. Sufficient amount of air

You need a sufficient amount of air in order to fly a kite very fast easily. So without air you cannot initiate) easily at beginning. Expert members can even fly kite without sufficient amount of air.

5. You need a building or a house which is tall enough

Height apartments , buildings , houses , house Terrace is the best place to fly kite. If you’re flying kites on top of any building than the wind flow will be very fast. In this case can fly a kite easily. More the wind more easily you can fly. Be careful about the building edges and openings which pose dangers to life of human. Safety is one of the important factor that is of concern everywhere. So be careful while flying in top buildings.

These are things that you require to learn kite flying easily. Without these things you can not fly a kite properly. These things are basic mandatory things that is required. So I recommend buying these things.

Easy Steps To Fly Indian Kites

Let’s get started to the process of flying Indian kites. The process is very simple and very easy to implement. After you have purchased the about things that have stated than you can read this in order to learn how to fly Indian kites.

1. First is to tie knots to the thread of the kite usually in Hindi or Urdu language we call it as ” susram “. It denotes the small piece of thread tied to the kite. You must cut the 30 inches long thread from the thread roll that you bought. Once you cut 30 inches long thread you have two double the single thread by folding it. Once you have folded the thread twice it becomes more stronger. So tightly tie a knot on top of the two layered thread and tie another knot at the bottom of the thread.

2.Now you have to make four small needle holes in your kite using a pencil. I recommend you to see this video at what angles I am making holes in kite.

3. Once you make holes in your kite than you have to tie the two layered thread that you made into the kites four holes that you made.

4. Then you have to tie another knot finally to finish the important step in kite flying process. You will get more flexible once you practice this daily.

5. Now tie the thread to the kite in order to fly a kite.

6. Call the three members. One yourself, other member and other member. Go to the top of the building . You hold the kite string that you tied to the kite. Second member will hold the kite thread roll and third member will carry your kite going little far from you usually 10 to 15 steps ahead.

7. Ask your third member to leave the kite upwards towards the sky as soon as the wind blows. So as soon as he leaves the kite upwards into the air you have to pull the string fast so that the kite gets upward. You have to pull more so that it will go more upward. Initially your kite will come down again and again irritating you put up your passion but never give up try hard to fly the kite up in the air.

8. If your kite goes upward leave some of the thread that your second member is holding. Ask the second member to catch the thread roll freely not tightly. So as soon as the wind comes you can leave the thread more and more so that your kite will go far and far.

9. As soon as your kite comes down pull the thread fast so that it will go top. Likewise once it goes higher and higher do not pull the thread. Catch the thread of the kite gently without leaving the thread.

10. Congratulations !! . You have successfully flied your first Indian kite easily.

Important note –

Step number eight and nine is very difficult to obtain. But until and unless you practice daily you won’t be proficient enough. Practice makes everyone perfect. So keep practising and do not give up if your kite comes down or kite get stuck in trees or kite gets torn.

My experience in flying Indian kites

Am flying kites since my childhood for about 15 years. So I have about 15 years of experience in flying kites and cutting other kites. I know every bit to bite techniques that will cut other kites. Initially even I was like you not knowing how to fly kite but daily practice made me to stand here to write this article in order to help you. So daily I cut 5 to 6 kites and more . More than flying it is competition that exist in the sky where you use your skills in order to acquire the sky by cutting other kites.


I hope this article has given you sufficient knowledge about flying kites and has entertained you . If you want to know something more about kites and their significance feel free to comment or contact me directly through contact us form. Please share this article in your social network websites so that everyone is aware of this. In my next article I’ll concentrate on how to cut other kites and prepare yourself to fight using your kite and win the competition.

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