Free Download PC Softwares on Mobile

Have you ever imagined downloading any PC softwares on mobile? Yes, exactly I have a method which will allow you to download any PC softwares on mobile with a help of single web browser install. Millions of users use UC web browser for various purposes but I was shocked to know that none of them highlighted this cool feature of downloading PC softwares. Even the developer of UC web browser didn’t highlighted this feature. The technique which am going to tell you is completely new which I have been using for couple of years that helped me write this article pointing the one of the best feature of UC web browser as well as helping people to explore this web browser adding additional functionality to download PC softwares.

There are other browsers but they are not up to the Mark because with the help of these web browsers you cannot install PC softwares on your smart phone. I tried even Google Chrome to test if this technique works but it was an utter fail. Google Chrome a Google’s product fail to match the excellence of UC web browser. After me highlighting this feature of UC web browser it will become more popular to download which is still hidden and unknown.

Generally when you are downloading any PC softwares or applications from your mobile web browsers it gives many errors stating unsupported file format etc. but using this technique you won’t get any errors and the download will start.

This technique will also help many people who wanted to download the setup file of PC softwares of Windows or Mac into their mobile devices and later on transferring and installing in your PC. Your mobile device acts as a storage device of PC software. You can share your downloaded PC softwares even with your friend through share it or other sharing applications. This also works even in case of any emergency you require to download the setup file of a particular PC software and later on installing it.

Free Download PC Softwares on Mobile

Let us explore this cool free technique which will help you to download any PC softwares on your mobile devices.

1. You need to download and install UC web browser to your mobile device. UC web browser supports huge variety of device platforms including android, Windows, iPhone, Symbian, Java etc. The best part is that this technique will only apply to UC web browser users and according to there are millions who can use this technique.

2. After you have downloaded UC web browser open it and make the following changes in the settings of your UC web browser.

3. Go to settings->browser settings->website preferences(UA) . In website preferences choose desktop for all search engines as shown in the image.


Free Download PC Softwares on Mobile


Download PC Softwares


PC Softwares mobile

4. After you have selected desktop preferences. It will look like as shown in the image.

5. Exit the browser and reopen it so that your changes takes place.

6. After you reopen the web browser try to search PC softwares or go to any PC software website to download the software. You will see UC browser displays PC version of web results and web page.

7. Choose the software you wanted to download and click download button.

8. When you click download button you will see a pop download window which presents you options to download like download, cloud download and cancel. You can choose either download or cloud download to get started downloading your PC software directly on your mobile.


Some old UC web browsers on different platforms like android, iPhone , Symbian and Java have different options. But one common option that you can find is the settings. You can go to settings and choose default browsing as mobile or desktop. Choose desktop version and follow the same steps to download PC softwares.

Additional Benefit

Same method can be adopted to download HD movies, Videos , Android APK or other setup files and even large files which are PC compatible and you try using this method in your Tablet if it works.

Free Download PC Softwares on Mobile Video

Watch this video for better understanding of instructions if you still confused and find it difficult to follow.

This technique was used by me in past but I didn’t get an opportunity to write an article about it so in this article I the represent you this simple technique.

Follow my instructions carefully and let me know how it worked for you. I am sure you will like this method. If you have similar kind of method or an improved version or a method more easy than this let me know in comments.

Do share this article among your friends through social media so that each one of us can explore the advantages of this technique. If you liked this article do subscribe to this blog for more cool updates.


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