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Addmefast is a live traffic and Social Media Growth sharing system which helps people to share articles, YouTube videos, get Facebook likes, Twitter likes, Facebook shares, website traffic who ever adds their website page into the system. has good reputation online while sharing useful informational post with the audience. If you’re not able to get enough visitors to your website or blog this traffic system allows you to add a website pages so that visitors can view your website pages. In this way you’ll be able to increase website hits. The only free mechanism which allows the user to interact with the audience to come from worldwide, in exchange for points. If you want to share any article or to get any feature from this website you have to get the points to share your information or to get likes or YouTube views. It is only benefit for those people who want to get popular on Internet. It is an excellent website from which you get lot many visitors to your website or blog.

I am using this method from quite long time and I’m happy to see the results going up. It is very simple and free to use the technique in which at a short point of time you get many Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Facebook post shares, website traffic, Youtube views etc. I had been looking for this kind of method for long time but I couldn’t find anyone like this which gives more benefit when compared to other websites listed on Google. At a very short period of time you hit your targets by using this method.

Free Live Traffic And Social Media Growth 


Most of us are new but we don’t know the impact of social media and website traffic because these things are necessary to become more popular on the Internet. Mostly it is highly recommended for the bloggers who share their lot of information, with others but is the key to success. If your website or blog wants to be popular on the Internet then it is recommended to use this method the more the social response you have the higher the rankings and traffic to your blog.
How To Join addmefast
It is very simple and easy to become a member of Just click here to navigate to the Addmefast homepage, then click register enter your e-mail ID and password and security capture code after doing this click submit that it you’re done to enjoy the power and impact of social media and website hits. Once you register with this you get a confirmation e-mail on your e-mail address that you have registered with Addmefast click confirm and you’re done.

How To Use Addmefast

After you sign up click login enter your credentials then click login. After doing this you will be navigated to the homepage of On top of the Addmefast it shows your points how much you have. The more the points the most popular you become. You can buy points or get free points by sharing other people information or liking other blog post and once you get the points you can use it to share your content rapidly. You also have Addmefast referral page where you can refer your friends and get points.



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