Google AdSense is one of the top provider of advertisements from the advertisers to its publishers. It is one of the legal entity which pays to the publisher whenever the user clicks on the ads that the Google AdSense provide, it has very strict monitoring and controlling of forbidden activities and malpractices. Nowadays Google AdSense approval is difficult but it’s not impossible it can be done easily by following certain parameters and guidelines but nevertheless people try even after first attempt if they are not successfully approved by Google.

New Google Adsense Account Approval Trick

But even if your Google AdSense is not approved need not worry there are other alternative ways to earn money other than Google AdSense like :-



Text Link Ads



Also if you are not satisfied with this advertising platforms you can go ahead and make money using affiliates and these are some of the affiliates listed below :-

HostGator affiliate

Amazon affiliate

Dreamhost affiliate

Flipkart affiliate  Etc.


But creating AdSense account approved within two months is really difficult but I can show you an alternate way to do so you could go and sign up to YouTube and upload video once the you Tube video uploads you can go ahead and monetize the YouTube video by accepting YouTube partnership and to link to YouTube with AdSense easily. This method takes approval very fast in which you will show AdSense ads in YouTube video. After you get your AdSense approved using youtube then you can go ahead and submit your website or blog in AdSense.

Google Adsense Account Approval Trick

 i’m going to tell some important tricks that you can to follow in order to get your new Google Adsense approved really fast

Adsense Account Approval

1. Your domain age

In order to get AdSense approved your website should be minimum old of six months officially but however your AdSense can be approved really fast when you blog more actively updating many blog post.


2. Your blog content

It is a really important think to look in. Your blog content should be at least a minimum of 700 words that has been not copied. It must include professional way of writing and expressing data with quality images.


3. Your blog design

Your blog design must be highly sensible and a creative with proper headings, site logo and author information


4. Privacy policy, copyright, site map

These are some of the tools that you need to put into your blog before applying AdSense. It is very simple and easy to do these things a privacy policy created by you which explains about your blog content, copyright prohibits visitors to steal your content, site map enables search engines and crawlers to index your blog into a search engine with the good ranking.


5. Number of blog post

It is not considered as very important but sufficient number a blog post increases efficiency of the particular blog. So it is advisable to write many articles before applying to Google AdSense.


6. Do not integrate other advertising networks when applying to AdSense

It is advisable to remove other advertising platforms that has been applied in your website or blog when applying to AdSense once you get approved then you can integrate other advertising platforms.


7. Author information

Write a short brief author biography including your picture so that it looks professional.


8. Retry

Suppose you get rejected for first-time or second do not get demotivated in fact think logically what has happened and find the reason for the failure once you do this research than you reframe your strategy.

9. Decent amount of traffic to your blog



My Experience About New Google Adsense Account Approval

Before I conclude I want to share my experience with you guys that for my blog AdSense was rejected first-time when I increased my blog post then I got approved for second time. I got approved when my domain was 2 months old. It is not rocket science to get approved fast but if you maintain my steps and follow it your google adsense account will get approved fast.


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