Adsense Address Verification

I got a notification in my Google AdSense account from Google AdSense to verify my home address by entering the PIN that they will send to my home address that have updated in Google AdSense account. Usually when your Google AdSense earnings reach a threshold like is supposed $10 than AdSense need to verify your home address due to security reasons. If you have an existing AdSense account and if you’re seeing the red colour pop-up box on top of your Google AdSense account telling you to enter the PIN to verify your account then this article I’ll be helpful to you.

Adsense Address verification Process

In this article I’ll be showing how you can validate and verify your address in Google AdSense account.

Step one- Google Adsense Account Sign Up to your existing account.

Step two-after you sign in than click on the red colour pop-up propping on top of your Google AdSense account telling you to verify your address by entering the personal identification number known as PIN.


Step three-then it will ask you to enter the personal identification number that you have received from your post.


Step four-now you think that you don’t have any personal identification number but please wait because Google AdSense sends you a post to your home address which will take about 10 to 12 working days to reach safely.

Step five-wait for the post with patience. Your AdSense earnings won’t stop till you verify your postal address but it will be outstanding until you verify your address and location.

Step six-after you receive the post then open the parcel of your post and enter the personal identification number PIN by following the same procedure as I have shown on top.

Google Adsense usually verifies the address of the applicant to protect the applicant from frauds and four other security reasons. so do not get panic. after you verify your address in adsense account with the personal identification number than the next adsense gives you is to select the payment mode which google offers to you. earlier google adsense sends payment by cheque but now due to rise in technology adsense is offering direct bank account credit to your account.

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