How to add youtube channel to Indiblogger – In this article I will show you how you can easily add YouTube channel to your Indiblogger account. Recent announcement made by Indiblogger that apart from submitting blog URLs you can now be able to add youtube channel which is really good. Earlier this was not the case. People used to embed youtube videos in their blog and submit the blog URL to the Indiblogger. I’m sure this recent update will help many to integrate their YouTube channel with Indiblogger.


The recent announcement made by Indiblogger is not complete. I mean to say that they haven’t clearly mentioned how do you actually carry out this process. They just mentioned as a recent update. But they failed to justify the steps to carry out this process. Just mentioned that you can do it in settings area. So I wrote this article to make it easy.

Things needed to Add Youtube Channel to Indiblogger

1. You need to have a verified Indiblogger account

2. You need to have your own YouTube channel consisting of videos. Mininmum 5 videos in your Youtube channel to register on IndiBlogger

3. A verified Google account.

How to add youtube channel to Indiblogger

it’s really easy and simple to carry out this process. Follow these simple instructions to add your YouTube channel to Indiblogger account.
1. Firstly login to your Google account and also sign in to YouTube using your Google account.
2. Now login to your Indiblogger account.
3. Navigate to the settings of your Indiblogger account. if not found settings click here to go to settings after login in
4. When you are on the settings page. You can see some options on left-hand side of the settings page. These options are like profile, blogs, social, address etc.

Add Youtube Channel to Indiblogger


5. Click on blogs. When you click on blogs option. You’ll see all your blogs that exist in Indiblogger. In the same page on top you’ll find add another blog with the + sign.

6. Click on add another blog. You will see some of the options like blogger,, other and finally YouTube channel option.



7. Click on youTube channel option. Then it’ll ask you to verify YouTube channel. Click on add YouTube channel.

8. When you click on add YouTube channel then you will be landed on Google account page. If you have multiple YouTube channels than it will display in this page. You need to choose your YouTube channel which want to add.

9. Click on your YouTube channel which you want to add from the list of your created channels. Then within a second or two it’ll be added to your Indiblogger account.

10. Once it’s added you need to click on submit for moderation. Where it gets approved by the administrator so you may need to wait for it until it gets approved. You’ll also get an e-mail confirming the addition of YouTube channel and the moderation.


Important note – For those who wanted to add multiple YouTube channels they have to add one by one manually and getting it approved one by one manually following the same steps repeatedly. There is no option for adding numerous channels of yours at once. This is the drawback as they need to monitor each and every YouTube channel that is submitted. I hope that they would add multiple YouTube channels option for video bloggers in upcoming days.

I hope this piece of information has helped you to add your own YouTube channel to Indiblogger successfully without much pain. Thanks for taking your valuable time to read this information. Please do share if found helpful.


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