Google AdSense-YouTube

Google AdSense-YouTube partnership program is an excellent strategy that you can apply to make money online. The only thing that you to do this record great recordings of original videos either from your mini camcorder, smart phone or create screencast tutorials which can help people to do a certain activity. Many of us record funny moments, great scenery of places that we visit and other recordings depending on our lifestyle. If you share your moments that you have recorded on YouTube then the entire world will gather to appreciate your recorded video and also you can monetize your recorded video to earn handful of money. Now that YouTube is a part of Google product they have linked Google AdSense on YouTube so that monetization is easy.If you’re video on YouTube goes viral than you get millions of views amounting to large Google AdSense revenue.

Link Google Adsense

So let’s discuss how you can get started to link your YouTube Adsense Account for monetization of each and every video that you upload.

1. Firstly you have to sign in to your Google account. As using you can use same Google account in order to login to YouTube or if you’re not having Google account and you to sign up for new Google account.

2. Once you’re logged in to YouTube.

3. You have to upload a new video to YouTube in order to apply for Google AdSense. Just capture a new original video and upload to YouTube by clicking upload option on the top.

4. Then you have to click on your profile top of the YouTube page as shown in the image.


How to Apply for Google Adsense Account through Youtube


5. Then you click on creator studio option.


Untitled image(14)


6. When you click on creator studio a new page appears.

7. Scroll down where you can see on left-hand side of the page the following option called as channel.

Untitled image(12)

8. Now you have to click on channel. When you click on channel a new page appears where you can find monetisation option in the feature which tells you to become YouTube partner through monetisation of ads on your uploaded videos.

Untitled image(15)


9. Click on enable.

10. This will tell you that your YouTube account is not enabled for monetization. Enabling your YouTube account will help you to monetize your videos.

Untitled image(10)

11. Click on enable my account if you want to enable for monetisation showing advertisements of Google AdSense.

12. Now you you’ll be asked to accept YouTube partnership program terms and conditions. Read all the terms and conditions carefully and click I accept.

Untitled image(8)

13. You to choose ad formats for monetization of your videos. Tick all the ad formats and click monetize.

Untitled image(9)

14. A reminder message is displayed on top states you must link your channel to AdSense account to earn money and get paid. Click on link my account.

Untitled image(7)

15. Another page opens telling welcome to Google AdSense. Click sign in.

Untitled image(6)

16. After you sign in you’ll see my website and content language. In my website your channel URL will be taken as default. Click save and continue.

Untitled image(4)


17. In this page you’ll be asked to fill the contact information like country, time zone, account type, name and address, primary phone number and select Google AdSense e-mail preferences. Click submit my application form at the bottom after filling all the details.

Untitled image(5)

18. You to accept Google AdSense terms and conditions and click accept.

Untitled image(2)

19. You will get a message now stating your AdSense application is submitted and being reviewed. You’ll get the e-mail confirmation as it takes one week to activate your Google AdSense account.

Untitled image(3)


20. You have to wait to get successful confirmation of AdSense account.

21. Once your account is approved you’ll be able to see AdSense advertisements in your YouTube videos after some hours as per the e-mail confirmation by Google AdSense.

Google AdSense-YouTube

I hope this article has helped you to know all insights about Create Adsense Account for YouTube partnership program.

Do share your comments and feedback relating to approval of Google AdSense through YouTube.


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