How to Create Fake Nimbuzz ID

This article will help you to create fake nimbuzz ID for free. The number of fake members in nimbuzz has increased which is not a good sign. Earlier nimbuzz was completely different and original when it was launched but as and when years pass on it has become more fake. Nimbuzz application always remains constant but the mindset of people changes drastically which inherited more number of fake accounts.

This tutorial will help you to create fake nimbuzz ID which you can use either to spy your friends in a particular nimbuzz chat room, to spy the your nimbuzz enemies commonly called as nimbuzz rivalry or to just explore nimbuzz without anyone knowing you. Either the cause is good or bad but you can use this method to make free fake nimbuzz ID

How to Create Fake Nimbuzz ID

Follow these simple steps to create your fake nimbuzz ID for free and get started to explore entire nimbuzz.

1. Firstly install the nimbuzz application on your mobile phone. As you need nimbuzz to create a new nimbuzz account.

2. Open nimbuzz application that you have installed. When you open you will see login and register options.

3. Click on sign up or register.

4. Now it will ask you to select the country on top to choose the country code and to enter a valid phone number.

How to Create Fake Nimbuzz ID

5. You can choose your country and enter fake number as 123456789. If your home country mobile number has 10 digits than the fake numbers will be like 123456781, if nine digits than 123456789. If nimbuzz won’t allow you to continue or if you get errors than choose your country as India or United States or try choosing some other country from the list of countries which will help you to input the fake number and continue to sign up successfully.

Fake Nimbuzz ID

Example of Fake numbers

You can choose 123456789 or 1234567891 or 1345636466 etc. you can try any combination of numbers which works depending upon the country which you select.

6. Once you type the fake number then next you can skip the Facebook. Do not link your fake nimbuzz account to your Facebook account so just skip the Facebook process.

7. This is the last step where you have to choose your own nimbuzz ID and password to create or sign up nimbuzz account successfully. Make sure you choose some realistic nimbuzz ID which people doesn’t recognize you to be fake.

Fake Nimbuzz ID

8. After creating your account. Upload a fake real picture in your nimbuzz profile.

This is how you can create a free fake nimbuzz account within minutes.

Fake Nimbuzz ID Video


I hope this article has helped you to discover more insights about nimbuzz application. If you find this article helpful do share with your friends. If you have a better suggestion or technique which you want to let us know you can contact us directly through comments or use the contact us page on top.

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