In our previous post I have written about how to download YouTube videos on android using UC browser and also how to download YouTube videos on any web browser (ANY MOBILE,TABLET,PC). This post is slightly different from the previous articles which will help you to download any videos from any web browser on android, iPhone, PC or tablet without downloading and installing any software.

There are other video downloaders available online which cannot offer universal support for all web browsers and mobile platforms but the technique which we are going to discuss in this article is applicable for all the browsers and all platforms including smartphones, tablet or personal computer. That is the reason it is universally applied when compared to other video downloaders available online.

How to Download Videos from Any Website Any Browser on Android-IPhone-PC-Tablet

1. Open any web browser from your android,iPhone,PC or Tablet. It can be Google Chrome or any web browser that is installed.

2. Go to the website or blog page of the video which you wanted to download from your web browser.

3. Go to URL on top of that particular website or blog page from where you wanted to download the video and Type “” or “” in front portion of the URL of that particular website.

For example: or or if the page is encrypted with security than it will be like or

Replace with the URL of the your website or blog page URL and follow the same procedure. In this example I used


4. Then another web page opens which will allow you to download in any video format available. All the videos that the particular website URL or blog page URL contains it list all the videos. You can choose and download which video you wanted to download.

How to Download Videos from Any Website on Android-Iphone-PC-Tablet

Alternate Website Video Download Method

There is another method which you can download videos without installing any software which is to visit from any web browser on any platform including android, iPhone, tablet or PC.

On this page you can enter the any video URL or the website or blog post URL and click go to download. You’ll be able to download in the supported video formats



Watch this video to Download Any Video From Any Website

If you still finding difficult you can watch this video that I have created to make it more simple and easy to understand.


Advantages of Website Videos Download Method

This method is applicable for any web browser.
This method is applied for android, iPhone, PC and tablet.
This method is easy and simple to do.
This method doesn’t require any video software download
This method is applicable for all websites and blogs

Disadvantages of this method

I tried testing this method on Facebook to download Facebook videos by entering the Facebook URL but it doesn’t work. You can try using other similar social networking websites and let me know in comments if it worked or not .

This is how you can download any videos from any website or blog page on Android,iPhone,PC,Tablet using any web browser.

Share this Post if you find useful and helpful. If you have similar video downloading techniques do let us know in the comments we love to hear from you.

Download Videos from Any Website Any Browser on Android-IPhone-PC-Tablet

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