In this article will focus on how to download YouTube videos on android using UC web browser. None can forget UC web browser,UC web and its products. Huge number of people are using as their default browser as UC web browser on their smartphones as well as on their personal computers. The efficiency of the products offered by UC web browser team is outstanding. When we hear about UC web browser the only thing that strikes our mind is its remarkable rocket speed. The functioning of the UC web browser is simple, easy and fast when compared to other web browsers available for download in the market.

Let us try putting some light on downloading any download YouTube videos on our android device using UC web browser. When it comes to downloading of any Internet stuff the only browser that I prefer to use for downloading activities is UC web browser because it download files at a blazing speed which is unimaginable with other web browsers. So in this article we will be discussing how to download YouTube videos on android using UC web browser.

Download YouTube Videos on Android with UC Web Browser

Earlier there was an add-on for UC web browser for android called video downloader that will help you to download YouTube videos directly and fast but now the add-on is no longer available for UC web browser. But still some people saved the add-on setup file so that it can be re used again and again.

1. You must have a UC web browser installed on your android device before you download YouTube videos. You can download UC web browser application from Google play store or directly visiting UC web browser website and choosing android download. If you have already installed use your browser on your android device than let’s proceed to the next step.

Download YouTube Videos

2. Open your UC web browser and download the video downloader extension by visiting the URL here –

Click here to download Video Downloader Add on 

3. After you download video downloader add-on open the video downloader add-on file from your downloaded folder and install it on your android system.

4. Once it is installed. Relaunch your UC browser by exiting and re opening it again. Then you will see video downloader added in your add-on list of your UC browser.

5. Now the real picture begins. Go to YouTube or any other video websites on UC Browser from which you wanted to download videos. Here I will choose YouTube as an example. Open YouTube and choose the video that you wanted to download. In your YouTube video page you will see the download button which will allow you to download directly.

Download YouTube Videos on Android Using UC Web Browser

This is how you can download YouTube videos on your android device with the help of UC web browser.

UC Browser YouTube Download

Disadvantages of UC Browser YouTube Add on

1.This method is only suitable for android users as the video downloader add-on is a .apk file extension which is unsupported for other platforms.

2. This method is only suitable for UC browser users.

3. Video Download link will not be available for each and every video. For some YouTube videos there will be no download button to download.

Advantages of UC Browser YouTube Add on

1. You can download YouTube videos or any videos from either daily motion or any other a video websites which are supported.

If you are using any other video downloader for UC web browser to download videos kind the share your feedback through comments.


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