In this article I will help you to find deleted websites or blog posts so that you can recover your lost data or contents of deleted website or blog posts. In this method you will be able to retrieve can find your old deleted websites or blog posts that you have deleted in past. In this challenging world it is very difficult to retrieve old deleted website data without sufficient backup. There will be times when you have to move your focus on some other areas or due to some unethical situations you have to delete your website completely from hosting it on the Internet. In future you might require some or other information from your previous deleted old website or blog than it is challenging to retrieve the data and information contained in your deleted website.

If you have made a sufficient backup of your old deleted website or the blog then it is good to go but if there is no backup available for your website or blog than accessing the information becomes difficult from your deleted blog or website.

This method will help you to find your deleted web page or blog article including the theme of the website or blog that you have designed in past. It will look as a fresh copy as being hosted on the Internet live.

Find Deleted Websites or Blog Posts

Now I’ll tell you the process which will help you to find your deleted website or blog.

1. You have to visit this URL.

2. Enter your old website or blog page URL for example like this and click browse history on top so that Wayback Machine render your website or blog page if it is indexed earlier.

3. Internet Archive will tell you how many times your website or blog page was saved.

4. Internet Archive will show you a list of dates on the calendar so you can check the older dates as well is a fresh ones. The older dates represent old information and the fresh dates represents updated information of the website or the blog posts. You click any date to find your stored content live.





If you’re searching an old deleted website or blog on Internet archive and if Internet archive is taking too long to display the results or it is loading without displaying anything then you can refresh the page of Internet archive so that the delivery of webpages becomes fast.

Store Online With Internet Archive

Another important feature of Internet archive is you can manually input and store your website page or blog page on Internet archive. This is a great technique for future reference in case you lose your current website or blog information. I have written a another article on how you can store your current website or blog pages on Internet archive without sign-up or any kind of registration.

Click here to read how to store website and blogs on Internet archive

The major benefit of Internet archive is that it is free of cost. If you really like them you can donate some funds as it has a donate option on the website.

I hope this article has helped you to retrieve and find your lost deleted websites and your blog Internet Archive Web Pages. If you find this blog article information helpful you can share it among your friends. Do subscribe our blog for more similar updates.


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