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Many of us have confusion in mind how to get hubpages articles approved. Hubpages being one of the top community of professional blogging network. This is one of the top and famous network where people write content, share, seek help in the forum of pages. Being one of the top community Hubpages approval for each article that you write is little bit difficult. Difficult in the sense not that difficult that we can’t get approved .Hubpages expects from us to write quality articles which rank higher in the search engine to get more traffic and visitors.

How to get hubs approved by Hubpages

It is the every hubpager desire to get his or her article to be approved and most of the hubbers work on this to get their articles approved.In order to get your articles approved you follow some of the steps that I am going to show you here. Here are the things you to focus to write hubs that can be approved easily.
1. Write quality articles
Quality plays a vital role in Hubpages. Quality is the key focus area which you have to put your focus into while writing your articles. Your articles. Should be useful with good amount of content in it. You should concentrate on your focus areas as per the title and not discussing more and more about other stuff which is not related to your article itself.
2. Write lengthy articles
If you write a short high articles your chances of getting approved in Hubpages is very less. Set your target in mind that you will compose articles at least 1000 words. The minimum is thousand words but you can write more than thousand words. The more the content you write related to your topic the more traffic you get and also search engines will rank your article on first page.
3. Include images in your Hubpages article
In Hubpages to rank better your articles should contain at least five images. These five images which you upload to Hubpages should include your keywords as name of the image that you upload it is a fact of SEO to rank better. And also don’t copy images which contain rights to not use it. Most of the hubbers upload copyrighted images to their Hubpages that is not appropriate to do so. If you want to upload copyrighted images see the author’s permission or mention the name of source in the image from where you taken the image.
4. Include video in your hubs
I have seen most of the top hubbers include videos in their articles to rank better. You can either upload your own video or upload any the YouTube video which doesn’t belong to you and mention in source that you have taken it from YouTube. If you do this habit to mention source on each and every image and video that you have taken from other sites than quality comes into picture.
5. Add links in hubpages
Adding backlinks to other hubpages of somebody else’s related to your article in some proportion can rank your article in much better way and chances are there’s that your hubs make get approved fast. Adding links is one of the search engine optimization practices to increase your page rank and to get good amount of traffic from search engines.
6. Add Poll opinions
At the end of the article after your conclusion you can include Poll statements like Did you really like the article? And to answer options like yes or no. By doing this kind of method that will come to know the user’s opinion when they are visiting and reading your article.
7. Include comments at the end
When you really compose an article on Hubpages it gives an option to add comments or remove comments at the end of the article.It is left to you whether you to add or remove the comment box manually. My recommendation is to add your comment box so that users can reply via comments as a direct means of feedback. Some other people doesn’t include comment box because they think that they get negative opinions from the visitors which may distract their articles but commands cannot be always positive there will be sometimes that comments will also be negative. Please do not get dissatisfied from your negative comments and work on it if needed. Every individual has his own perception of thinking what you think cannot be the same that he should also think the same. So do not get panic or get worried continue to write quality articles.
8. Compose new hubs on regular basis
Composing new and new articles in a sequential manner in HubPages All Topics provides goods growth and also good Hubpages score. If you’re Hubpages score is very high than your articles will rank high. So key factor is to write articles without any stoppages. Have a plan system to write articles like uploading three articles in a week or more than three it depends upon your style of writing and expressing your knowledge to the readers.
9. Search engine optimization
This is very important step to be taken while writing articles and presenting them. Please use heading tags like H1 OR H2 OR H3 tags and also include your keywords in your title and description. Make sure your keywords are present in the article many times in various paragraphs to rank better. Also user ALT tags in images.
10. Original content
make sure you write original content and not copied from other websites or blogs. It is very critical issue when you copy content from other sites, so I recommend not to do this method if you do this your content will be banned from Hubpages and Google itself. So don’t give an opportunity to happen this.
11. Do not use more than four affiliate links
While composing and adding links to your pages. Either it may be amazon or eBay affiliate links. Do not over use your affiliate links in your articles. 3 to 4 affiliate links per article is sufficient to generate revenue. Adding more affiliate link spoils your quality of content highlighting every line with the blue highlighted link colour.
12. Usage of quality words
Use quality words to write your articles rather than explaining the whole sentence. For example for using the word quality the people emphasises more on good content and good articles. By using long sentence you may a bore your readers so try to avoid simple understandable long sentences and use quality words instead of it.
13. duplicative sentences
Do not repeat the same sentence in same article again and again which shows the readers that the author is unaware of a particular fact or the author is interested to make money instead of providing qualitative information.
14. Conclusion
Do not conclude your articles directly it may disturb the readers and divert their attention from your article. Once you have written an article try to conclude it by using positive sentences. Your conclusion should not be more than six lines.
These are the steps that you should follow to get your articles and your new hubs approved easily.

I conclude by saying that write for quality not to make money. Write quality and good content by exploiting videos,images and polls to show the importance of the articles to the readers. I think after reading and following the steps shown here in this article you might be clear enough to get your hubpages articles approved fast

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