How to Play GTA 5 on Android Phone or Tablet – In this tutorial I will tell you how you can play GTA 5 on android phone or tablet easily without doing any technical settings. GTA 5 is one of the best game with high-end graphics and playing this game really interesting. However rockstar games GTA 5 is not launched officially for android. It is available for PlayStation series, Xbox series and going on further for computer.

Play GTA 5 on Android Phone or Tablet
We may encounter many tutorials and gameplay videos explaining to play the GTA 5 on android phone most of these tutorials are not genuine. These tutorials and gameplays are only for the GTA 5 moded version APK. It is not the actual GTA 5 game played on android.
In this article I will explain you how you can play easily genuine GTA 5 game on android phone by following simple ongoing instructions. It hardly takes 15 to 20 minutes to fully set up and play the real GTA 5 on your android phone or tablet with game controllers and the actual game sound.

Play GTA 5 on Android Phone or Tablet – Basic Requirements

Here are some of the basic requirements that you need to fulfil before you actually play GTA 5  on your phone or tablet.
1. The first and most important is the GTA 5 game. The game must be fully installed on your computer and should be working perfectly fine without any problems on your PC.
2. You need a strong Wi-Fi connection or Internet connection. The more faster your connection is the more efficient and clean you can stream and play the game on your android phone or tablet.
3. You need an android smart phone.
4. You need to download monflo application either going directly from their website or by searching in Google play store. Download and install the application on your phone or tablet.
5. You need to also download monflo software for your computer too. The software size is hardly 20 MB. You can click this link to download for PC. Download and install the software. When you download the software the setup file is only one. But when you run the setup and installs then two things gets installed. One is monflo server and another is monfloclientPC.
6. This step is not necessary but still I recommend for some users to set the GTA 5 PC game on low settings. This is because in low game settings the game runs smoothly and can be streamed fast.
Here are all the screenshots of low settings in my GTA 5 game. You can refer these and adjust your settings to low. As this will help you in faster streaming and playing the game.

Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-45-41 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-47-03 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-47-33 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-47-43 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-47-56 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-48-03 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-48-11 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-48-20 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-48-29 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-48-35 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-48-40 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-49-09 Screenshot_2017-01-08-00-49-21
So these are some of the basic requirements that you need to fulfil for playing the GTA 5 on phone or tablet.

How to Play GTA 5 on Android Phone or Tablet

once you have satisfied and met the basic requirements. Now let us begin the procedure.
1. Make sure your android phone or tablet and also your computer are connected to the high-speed Internet. Your phone or tablet and your PC should be connected to the same Wi-Fi or the Internet.
2. Now open monflo application that you have installed on your android phone or tablet. It will ask you to login or signup. If you are new to monflo click sign up and register. It is completely free. You just need to enter your e-mail address and your password to sign up and they will create your account in monflo.
3. Once you have created your monflo account you can now use your monflo credentials to log in your android phone or tablet.
Once you have logged in this is the screen which appears.
4. Now open monflo server icon on computer and login the same credentials that you use in your android monflo account.
5. Now open monfloclientPC icon on computer and login with the same credentials that you use in your android monflo application. It will show no computers available once opened for the first time.
6. Now open the monflo android application and login. After you login you can see the option connect using ID on top. Click that and it will ask you to enter connection ID. To get the connection ID open monflo server and login to see your connection ID. type the same ID in your android phone to pair and successfully stream your PC to android phone or tablet.
7. Now you’ll be able to see your computer screen on your monflo android application.
8. Now you have to set the same settings in monflo android application and also in monflo computer version.
9. Now let us set up the settings for both mobile application as well as monflo PC application so that the game play runs smoothly. Firstly open monflo, log into your account and connect with ID so that your computer screen displays in monflo mobile application. In monflo application on top click on the dotted lines to bring the list of options that you can use. Here are some of my recommended settings in the monflo mobile application. If you want you can use the same or if not working modify some changes.

Screenshot_2017-01-08-14-30-15 Screenshot_2017-01-08-14-31-51 Screenshot_2017-01-08-14-44-52 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-03-01 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-03-26 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-05-42 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-05-46 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-05-59 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-46-07
10. Now you apply the same settings changes in your computer version of monflo that you have done in monflo mobile application. So here are the screenshots of the settings. You can change depending upon your requirement.


Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-14-34 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-15-09 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-15-21 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-15-34


                                                                                                            Monflo server settings

Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-13-25 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-13-33 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-13-38 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-13-43 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-13-47 Screenshot_2017-01-08-15-13-52
11. Once you have set the settings successfully in your monflo mobile application and in your monflo PC version.
12. Now you can open GTA 5 in your PC and play. So your computer screen will be streamed on your android phone or tablet. You can also choose game controls from the monflo settings and play the game with sound.

So these are some of the easy and clear-cut instructions to play GTA 5 on your android phone or tablet.

How to play GTA 5 on Android Phone or Tablet Video

Play GTA 5 on Android Phone or Tablet
I have also created a YouTube presentation which will clear all your doubts and confusion if you haven’t understood the information.


I hope this tutorial has helped you to stream and play GTA 5 on your android phone or tablet successfully. You will get the genuine GTA 5 gaming experience on your phone or tablet because this gameplay is real not a game mod of GTA 5. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this tutorial I hope you have enjoyed it. If you found helpful please do share this article with your friends.


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