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Save Website-Blog For Future Use


Saving your website pages or blog articles is an excellent way to preserve data for future use. A lot of time and effort is needed for creating web page contents as well as blog articles. The data stored in your website or blog should be preserved for a long-term use. Take an example you started your website or blog with good amount of data in it. You do not want to pay for the web hosting or the domain charges as you wanted to discontinue your website or blog for one year or more years than you can either take backup of contents and store it on your computer or let it go. There are many backup services available mostly paid. You do not want to spend a penny on it. Then this article will help you to save your website or blog contents for future readability and usage.

This is a free method and easy to carry out as you do not need a backup system to carry out this process.

Benefits of Saving Website or Blog Online

There are enormous benefits associated for saving your webpages of your websites or blog articles online.

1. The contents saved can be read any time and anywhere using Internet

2. Easy and clear-cut understanding steps to be followed.

3. The data can be retrieved as in original format along with the deleted web page.

4. Saving the information free of cost.

How to Save Website or Blog Online

Here are the steps you can follow to save your website or blog articles online.

1. Visit waybackmachine by going to the following URL

2. You need not signup or login to post your website URL or blog page URL to waybackmachine

3. You’ll find the category called save page now in the website at the bottom of the page.


How to Save Website or Blog Online For Future Use


4. Enter your blog URL or website URL like example or if you want to enter a blog post URL you can enter like this

5 . Once you have entered your URL you can click the save button option and wait for sometime so that the URL get indexed.


You need to allow crawlers and robots so that your page get indexed in waybackmachine. So create a site map and allow robots and crawlers for better indexing.

6. Once your website URL or blog post URL is indexed completely and saved in waybackmachine. You can browse your URL by clicking browse history. This will tell you the date on which the which the URL was saved. Suppose you saved a single URL multiple times so you it will show multiple dates ranging from older to new ones. The the recently updated URL will be in the new date. You can click a date and it will show you the URL saved along with its contents which the URL contains.

Save website

7. Now you have successfully added a URL for online storage. You can read the contents of the URL any time as long as waybackmachine ( website is functional.

How to save website or blog online for future use video

I have also created a YouTube video which will easily demonstrate the process of saving if you still find difficult to carry out.

I hope this article is a helped to store the web page contents and blog post for future reference. Do share it among your friends and subscribe for more great tips and tutorials.


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