How to use 2 jio Sim in one mobile phone – In this article I’ll tell you how you can easily use 2 jio sims in one mobile phone without removing any of the jio Sim cards or doing any complicated settings or installing any complicated software and adjusting your phone to it. This easy trick works good in rooted and also un rooted mobile phones. So everyone can enter this trick without facing any issues.
We all know that reliance jio is offering free jio Sim bundled with free data, calls etc. earlier the FUP jio data limit was set to unlimited when it was launched over a period of time they changed and reduced the jio data FUP limit to 4GB per day. Presently a recent announcement made by reliance JIO has further decreased the 4G data FUP to 1GB per day. So this depressed many consumers 4G JIO.

Most of them are finding ways to increase the jio 4G data FUP so that they can get more 4G data at free of cost. So this made me to write this article in which users can double up the 4G data FUP to 2GB per day by using gradually to Sim cards in your one 4G mobile phone.

Things needed to use 2 jio Sim in one mobile phone

Here are certain basic requirements that you need before you use 2 jio Sims in one mobile phone.

use 2 jio Sim

1. You need a 4G mobile phone
2. 4G mobile phone which has two Sim card slots .
3. You need 2 JIO Sim cards fully activated.
4. Install all the JIO apps normally that you do as it is a basic step for using JIO in your mobile phone.

How to use 2 jio Sim in one mobile phone

let us start the trick to use 2 jio Sim in one 4G smart phone.

1. Insert 2 jio Sim cards in your mobile phone. There will be two Sim slots like sim1 and sim2. Insert one jio Sim in sim1 slot and another jio Sim in sim2 slot.

2. Switch on your phone after you finished installing the Sim cards on your phone.

3. Go to your settings of your mobile. In your mobile settings you’ll find the option known as Sim cards. Each mobile phone has its own set of options in settings so you can search for Sim card settings in your phone. Open Sim card settings to find dual Sim card settings sim1 and sim2 settings.

4. In your Sim card settings you just need to enable the jio Sim which you want to use and disable other Sim. For example if you want to use Sim1 jio then enable it and disable sim2.

5. The trick is simple you just need to enable and disable whichever Sim you want to use and you will get the 4G Internet. When you enable or disable any SIM card slot you have to wait for a while until it registers fully on that network.
6. Whenever you enable or disable any sim slot and making it as a default Sim preferred. You need to open and configure jio4Gvoice application as it shows off-line and also like unable to detect Sim card error. Just open jio4Gvoice and set it up whenever you shift from Sim 1 to Sim2 or back from Sim2 to sim1.
7. Open jio4Gvoice application and you can click on the option configure jio4GVOICE using the number of this SIM in this phone. Each time you enable either Sim1 as a default Sim or sim2 as defaults Sim from the Sim card settings. You have to open jio4Gvoice application and do this. It is really simple to do as it takes hardly five seconds to configure jio4Gvoice application and you can browse the jio 4G.


How to use 2 jio Sim in one mobile phone



 STEP 2 

use 2 jio Sim in one mobile phone
That’s it now you can enjoy 2GB of 4G in 2 jio Sim cards without removing it.


use 2 jio Sim in one mobile phone video

If you still haven’t understood this trick I have also prepared a video presentation which you can watch and follow easily.


Important note –
this trick is fully tested and working perfectly in LYF smart phones. I’m not sure if it works perfectly in other brand smart phones too. So try it and let me know the output.

Thank you for taking your valuable time in reading this article (How to use 2 jio Sim in one mobile phone). I hope this method will help you to double up your FUP to 2GB 4G per day. Please do share in social media have found helpful and subscribe for further more updates.


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