Improve SEO Rankings Using Indiblogger community and rank your blog well in any search engines.

Indiblogger is one of the top bloggers community available for all Indian bloggers in India. Indiblogger not only lists and accepts blogs from top bloggers but even tiny Indian blogger who started blogging since one month is also given a platform on indiblogger community. To get listed on this community a particular blog must satisfy their requirement which is to have minimum number a blog posts mostly 15 to 20 posts and a fully setup blog. The best part is that this community even provides opportunity for free blogging platforms like blogger, etc this helps to encourage blogging among Indians.

There are a lot of events, blogger meets and reviews taking place in this community which allows all listed community members to participate. You can even join indiblogger forum to interact with community members. Each and every blog listed on this community is given a rank by indiblogger the higher the rank better the blog stands. This method of internal ranking helps to compete among the fellow bloggers on this community.Blog more and stay healthy in ranks. This is a short description about the power of this community.

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Improve SEO Rankings Using Indiblogger

Another important aspect of this community is about is SEO(search engine optimization). When you analyse indiblogger website you’ll be shocked to know the number of back links, domain authority and page authority which are the main key factors for SEO. Indiblogger has sufficient number of high-quality back links and a decent good domain authority as well as page authority.

Any new blogger who has a deficiency of back links, page authority, domain authority and blog age should try to harness the power of indiblogger website for better SEO rankings of blog articles. Quality content plus the SEO wins the competition striving more number of visitors and helps the blog to grow.

How to improve SEO rankings using indiblogger

If you own a blog who has a dull SEO than you can use indiblogger to rank your articles or blog posts. For those bloggers who has a blog ranked with SEO when compared to indiblogger than you can just use this method for developing links to your blog. Let us discuss the method.

1. You need to join indiblogger and should be a member over their to apply this SEO ranking concept.

2. Your blog should be approved and listed on indiblogger.

If you satisfy this these two steps than you are ready to jump further.

The next important instruction that I like to pass on is about submission of individual blog post links on indiblogger website.

This is the next you have to follow. While submitting a blog post URL on indiblogger indivine follow these instructions carefully as missing to implement any parameter could affect SEO rankings.

Improve SEO Rankings Using Indiblogger

PermaLink to your blog post

This will be your default blog post URL which cannot be altered. Let this remain fixed without any changes as listed on your blog.

Post title

You can choose any title related to your particular blog post. Mostly let the title remain same. If you want to include same title adding more relevant keywords after the title you can do that.


Choose a desired suitable category which your blog post belongs to. There are many categories and subcategories. Choose and select the best carefully.


Add the description carefully as it may affect your blog post SEO listed on indiblogger. The description should not exceed 140 characters. The maximum I request is up to 160 characters in some limited cases. Make sure your description is relevant to your blog post URL and the title of your blog post. Add value added key phrases which lies in your blog post article which acts as meta description.


The last entry to fill is tags. add relevant keywords of your blog article to tags without missing any important keyword.

A live example

I would like to show a live example of a bloggers article ranking on first page of Google. There are two same articles ranked one after the another. The article listed on indiblogger ranked on first and the second same article in the original blog ranked on second which shows exactly the quality of SEO possessed by indiblogger.

Improve SEO Rankings

This is how new bloggers can harness the SEO power of indiblogger to rank well.

Even if the members of indiblogger shares and promotes your article by giving many votes your article become popular on indiblogger which indirectly affects your social media SEO.
Even if you’re original blog post blog which you write fail to rank better in search engines then do not worry you always have an alternate as you shared your post on indiblogger then indiblogger will rank your post better in the eyes of search engines which will bring traffic to your blog indirectly as indiblogger is linked to your blog web page.

I hope this article has helped many bloggers to know the importance of SEO(search engine optimization) using indiblogger community. If you found this article helpful do share it in social networking websites. I also request you to share your feedback about this article through comments or if you have similar kind of free SEO methods for better rankings do let us know as it helps.


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