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Today I’ll be sharing with you some information about an Indian blogging community platform for all Indian bloggers to focus their blogging career. is a blogging community where numerous Indian bloggers share their links and contents and interact with each other for the purpose of mutual benefit. Are you guys aware about online forums? How they work? Similarly has become an online blogging community enhanced with online forum to get more exposure. There are many blogging communities and online forums existed in the Internet likewise there was a need to start an Indian blogging platform and Indian blog directory to enable bloggers from India to share their links via

What is a blogging community ?

Blogging community is an online portal in which a particular group of people engaged themselves for their mutual benefit or to share some sort of information. If you’re really a hard-working blogger or a new blogger with new experience about blogging or a famous bloggers who has been popular in blogging then you all guys are welcome to join any blogging community. Blogger Communities has no limitations but numerous benefits that you can really obtain from joining it. If you really want to create an online presence in blogging then blogging communities is the best option for you. Earlier days there are very less blogging communities existed in Internet because at the time blogging was not much popular and many of them was not aware of even how to start a website? Or they don’t know the importance and significance of blogging?. Now the trend has been changed people are more becoming online friendly due to the rising opportunities of making money online. We can see some of the passionate bloggers and Webmasters who really not bother about earning online these people blog for their passion or because of their hobby. Whether you are blogging for passion or to make money blogging community is the cup of tea for all. We should really know the importance of the blog community in order to create an excellent social appearance online. This is the short description about blogging community. Let’s go in detail about blogging community.

What are the benefits of joining blogging community ?

Blogging Community

There are numerous benefits of joining your own blogging community. Blogging community cannot be a large chunk of worldwide people it is specific to a particular category like blogging community available only to bloggers not online marketers. Likewise you can create your own community depending upon the category or the niche of your blog. Here’s Indian blogging community called which is the online forum for Indian members or Indian citizen who are running Indian blogs.
These benefits are listed as below

1. Firstly the most important part is the SEO (search engine optimization) which is really important from internal point of view. If you join any blogging platform or blogging community you will get a link from the community to your blog. It creates link exchanges from community to your blog. This method is very good for search engine optimization. Here you join then you will get a do follow link which helps to rank better in search engines.

2. If you’re really famous person or a creator or an artist off-line then being online in blogging community will enrich your future. Also you get more number of fans associated with you.

3. Remarkable social links. Your social network will expand because many people try to add you in their social networks like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc. nowadays online social status is really important for sharing your articles through the mass group of people.

4. You will get new friends when you try to engage in thought sharing process in any of the blogging community. Likewise you will become more famous day by day.

5. Huge amount of traffic will be a key point while joining and sharing your articles links in online blogging community. Traffic is really important for your website or blog to serve as a good medium to earn online. If you’re blog doesn’t get traffic it is similar to a dead plant without water. So traffic place a major role to increase your sales or to increase earnings. Imagine if you are a passionate blogger who blog for passion but visitors are not coming to your blog how you feel? You feel really sad. Even passionate blogger requires people to get noticed, people.

6. Sharing your article links. In you can submit your links of any articles that you have written. Members of vote for your articles likewise you can understand what the people want? Which articles will fetch more interest among people? Why people love is to read that particular article only?. So likewise you can improve your homework about blogging and get noticed really easily.

7. Blogging communities is a really big advantage because of clearing doubts. Take an example of which has its built-in forum where members can discuss about some important topics or ask questions to clear their misunderstandings and the doubts. It is similar to do online chat with your friends but here the answer respondents are qualified and professional bloggers. You can get some really good important tips from these bloggers. Your mistakes can be corrected in blogging communities when you open up your problem.

What is ? is another online learning and blogging community for Indians. But only Indians can join This is one of the limitation of was founded in the year 2007 by Renie Ravin. Initially there are only few people joined at an initially stage. You can see a tremendous growth in Daily new members are discovering the significance of and joining it. If you really are active blogger and passionate about blogging than is the right place for you to join.

How to register or be a member of ?

It is really free to join in the blogger community but you need a fully published blog with sufficient number of articles blog can be of WordPress or premium blog or Google blogger any free platform bloggers are also welcomed. You must be a citizen of India. Once you have satisfied these conditions then you can register your blog on this platform. Visit and sign up by entering your credentials. Then add your blog to this forum. Once you do that then will review your blog. Once approved you can start sharing links about your articles that you write in this platform to get many votes and recognition and traffic.

I recommend you to post daily new links of your articles to this network to gain more popularity and increase your ranking capability.

Why to choose or what are the advantages of benefits of joining ?

Have questions in mind why you need to join this network? Why not other?. Here I will give you some insights about this network that will really motivate you to join.

1. You will learn a lot of things when you join this community because active bloggers share really useful information which you can really get knowledge about.

2. You will get a backlink to your blog once your approved and registered with this community. Back links enrich search engine visibility and rank your blog post on top page of search engines. Higher the back links higher is the visibility of your content in search engines.

3 there are various blog meets happening. Blog meets is a superior platform where professional bloggers engage at a particular place and at a particular time discuss some important aspects. This blog meets cannot happen online but is carried out off-line most of the cities of India. If you’re a member you can join blog meets to discover powerful aspects of blogging.

4. Your articles will be voted by professional bloggers who exist in this platform. Every vote that you get from a blogger is a kind of inspiration to you to write more number of articles. If you doesn’t receive any votes then you must change the game plan or alter the blogging techniques or change the topic that you blogging about. Audience interest plays a vital role in blogging. We write articles for the sake of other people or for the sake of our visitors but if you don’t get any traffic or people are not interested to read that it is waste of time.

5. There is an online forum in where you can discuss your problems and get some tips from the professional bloggers which can really benefit your blogging career.

6. Many new contests are conducted within this forum where most of the bloggers participate in order to gain some exciting prizes. So is a win to win platform to join. It is really worth joining to gain some exciting user experience.


Another great option available to the members of is indistream.indistream is add-on option where people discuss some important phenomena or chat. It combines tweeting and chatting. If you really want to chat then this is the best option for you to go ahead.


If the registered members have a blog and has written a new article than Registered members can get started by submitting their blog post links or article links but not submitting other blogs links which a registered member doesn’t own. Registered members can only submit his own blog links. After you post any post links or blog links any other members can add you to their network and even vote for your newly submitted article links. In this way you can categorise your blog post and give only relative importance to only important articles or important topics only. Indivine is the soul and heart of the network because its main focus is link sharing.

Indirank is the ranking system appointed by It is one of the automated system which delivers your blog rank of your blog which you have added in the network. Initially your rank will be less but your continuous links posting habit into this network will really improve your Indirank. This Indirank is given in percentage that means any of the Indirank more the popular your blog is. Less Indirank indicates less popularity. There are certain factors which influence Indirank that are your frequency of posting links and writing articles, your Moz rank of your blog, your quality back links, your blog traffic, your blog Alexa rank and your Google rank. If you really want to increase your Indirank than you must have a successfully setup blog with unlimited traffic, low Alexa rank and high quality back links. You can insert the Indirank batch in sidebars of your blog to show the visitors about your rankings. These batches are free to use and add.

My experience on

I have been a successfully registered member of and am proud to be a member of this great exciting online platform. Every article that I post on my blog will be shared on this platform so that I can get a better picture about the area of interests of people. I to get many of the votes and many registered members added me onto their networks. I really enjoy being a part of this community.

Thank you post dedicated to entire community

This is a thank you post that am writing for.

Firstly I thank all the founders, who have taken a wise step in making and starting this community.

Secondly I thank all the registered member of this group.

Thirdly I thank all the members who have voted for my articles.

Fourthly I thank all the members who visited my articles and shared my articles.

Fifthly I thank all the members who added me to their network

I thank all the members who have written excellent blog post on their blogs and shared it to network.

Finally i would end my blog post by saying ” Thank you guys for giving me an exciting platform ( to get noticed”


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