Linking your existing Google AdSense account to blogspot is very difficult because your newly created blogger blog will not get approved easily until and unless you have a successfully created a blog with many number of pages and many articles lying in it. Google AdSense becoming one of the top advertising firm in all over the world and also one of the reputed advertising platform. It is the dream of every blogger to use AdSense ads to monetize their blogs and websites.

How to Link Existing Google Adsense Account to New blogspot

Suppose you created new blog in blogspot platform and you want to show Google AdSense ads in your new blogspot blog in that case you have a direct option inside the blogspot settings to monetize your blog by clicking the option earnings in your settings page of blogger. As soon as you click earnings option then you see Google AdSense page showing. In that Google AdSense page you will see an option called as sign-up for AdSense which won’t allow you to click on that option because you can see that option but you can click that and next to the sign-up with Google AdSense option you’ll see a message telling you that your blog doesn’t qualify for Google AdSense.


This is the most common problem which is faced by all blogspot new bloggers. If your blog is fully ready with all the posts and every other thing than only you can click on this option sign up with Google AdSense at the time it will allow you to click on that. And for those who have already an existing AdSense account also to them even it won’t allow you to link existing Google AdSense account to your blogspot blog.

Link Existing Google Adsense Account to Blogspot

Now I will unveil the truth. If you already have an Google AdSense account which you got from YouTube and also you run an other professional website or blog like or If you already have a Google AdSense account link to your professional blog like then you can easily place AdSense advertisements in your blogspot blog I will show you the trick now.

I have a Google AdSense account which I got approved from YouTube and also I got approved for my own professional blog that is now I started a new blogspot blog that is two days before so what I did is I added my blogspot site in Google AdSense owned sites and then I also added my blogspot blog in Google Webmaster tools and Google analytics than I copied the existing created ad unit code and pasted in my blogspot blog then it started to show advertisements within seconds. See without having sufficient number of post in my blogspot blog and also without clicking on sign up for AdSense in blogspot settings I really managed to show Google AdSense advertisements in my new blog started two days ago. Now I’ll tell you in detail how I did that.

Step by Step guide to link existing google Adsense Account to  NEW Blogspot

Link Google Adsense blogspot

Here I’ll explain you in detail what it did to show AdSense advertisements in my new blogspot blog.

Step one-add your new blogspot blog to Google Webmaster tools and Google analytics and submit your sitemap there and also claim and link your new site

Step two-after you submit your site to Google Webmaster tools and Google analytics than add your new blogspot blog in Google AdSense. Here I will show how you can add that.

Step one Sign in Google Adsense go to settings page of your Google AdSense. The settings page can be found on top of your AdSense page after your e-mail.

Step two after you click settings page you will get an option site management in sidebar.

Step three click site management which allows you to add your site website or blog. Input your site there and click add site red button. Now it will add your new site successfully within seconds.


Step four-now go to my ads option on top and select an existing ad unit that you already have created and placed in your previous website or blog.

Step five-once the selected your existing ad unit click get code to get the AdSense script.

Step six go to your blogger or blogspot blog. And click layout option available in settings page of your blogspot blog.

Step seven-click add gadget in your layout option.

Step eight select HTML/JavaScript option in gadgets shown to you.

Step nine-add your AdSense code in HTML/JavaScript and click save. Click save arrangement on top.


Step 10-now you can see that your Google AdSense advertisement is shown in your newly created blogspot or blogger blog.

Step by Step guide to link existing google adsense account to blogspot


I hereby conclude by saying that share this article with your friends also so that they can be aware of this. The steps listed here is followed and created by me by experimenting with Google AdSense. So try to experiment more legally so that you learn new stuff. Now most of the new blogspot or blogger bloggers will now be able to add and link their existing Google AdSense account.


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