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Minimum Investment To Start A Professional Blog


There is a minimum amount of investment is required to start a professional blog. Any person willing to take professional blogging as a career needs to know the total cost and expenses which is required for a minimum set up of a professional blog. WordPress is one of the professional blogging medium to kick start blogging. The amount of investment varies depending upon the things that you add in your budget sheet of your blog .To start a professional blog you need good amount of investment for buying quality domain and web hosting, premium WordPress themes, plug-ins, data backup plans, speedy Internet, computer with blazing speed etc.


Minimum Investment to Start Professional Blog – blog investment

Minimum Investment To Start Blog

Let’s discuss about minimum investment rather than profiling on high blog investment budget. Most of the newbie bloggers lack funds for investing in blogging. The low-budget criteria is preferable for many bloggers. If you’re really interested and passionate to do for a long-term then you have to liberalize your budget by expanding it. Thinking of long-term blogging or doing blogging as a profession yields great results. Because it is all about the solid setup and base foundation which is really needed to manufacture a strong blog. So do not compromise on your budget if you really have money to invest.

On the other side those people who wanted to take up blogging but lack funds or have minimum budget criteria due to lower level of income can start blogging by investing only on the basic required things for setting up a blog. Minimum investment areas includes a professional and high quality domain name with quality hosting, the premium SEO friendly WordPress theme, basic Internet and computer and some basic requite plug-ins.

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It is one of important factor which cannot be ignored. Time is money. So without time you cannot have time to develop blog, design it and write articles. The more time you spend the more you earn.



The first and the foremost important thing striking my mind is a domain name. Select simple and best domain name which matches your niche for a long-term fixed plan so that you doesn’t keep changing your domain name as it affects your brand.


The second important thing is buying a quality web hosting to host your WordPress blog domain. You might also find cheap hosting but the services provided by the cheap hosting is also less. The major leading web hosting companies are hostgator, bluehost, godaddy which you could look into. Search those hosting providers who have WordPress installed in their control panel or C panel.


A professional premium WordPress theme


Theme reflects design and architecture of your blog so it is one of the important and crucial step to find a premium suitable theme that matches your niche of blog. Things that you can look into a new WordPress theme is the look and the design, the page loading speed, easy guide to setup of the theme, built-in SEO and responsive to fit any device.


WordPress plug-ins


There are some of the basic and essential WordPress plug-ins that is required to manage your blog in an most effective way to enhance the power of WordPress blog. You can find various free and paid WordPress plug-ins which you can use depending upon certain requirements needed.


Quality Internet


Focus on quality Internet because a good Internet speed can help you to do things faster and easy. You may require to install certain WordPress plug-ins and update articles on WordPress so your Internet speed matters a lot. For those who can’t afford broadband Internet can use 3G or 4G USB dongles available in the market or use your mobile hotspot to run Internet.


A basic computer


I prefer laptop rather than desktop PC because you can carry your laptop anywhere which encourages blogging at any point of time either you might be in a shop or roaming around your laptop always be with you and it can be carried easily to any place. A computer or a laptop with minimum RAM of 1 GB is essential to carry out speedy operations. Operating system like Windows XP or any latest versions doesn’t matter. The only matters is the speed of operations carried out.


These are the basic requirement to setup a WordPress blog. The other requirements will rise your project like if you have a team managing a blog than you need to pay them for their services. Hiring SEO consultants to do SEO for your blog,Advertising on social networks,Google and in any other form,Web designer remuneration if you hire a web designer to design your blog,Paid Backup services and VPS services. Marketing and promotional activities cost. Print media to publicize if you want to cater large audience.



So these are the essential areas which needs minimum investment to start a professional WordPress blog


If you do not have this minimum investment do not worry you can take up blogging using free platforms like blogger, etc which doesn’t require any investment and free to start and is less risky. Later on you can move into professional blogging once you have a decent amount of income for a minimum investment.


To encourage and spread the word of blogging to every mind my sincere advice is to take up blogging at an early age usually in their teenage. Because you have lot of time to write and express your views and is fun to start in early age, tell you grow up you might know the basic essence of blogging and its importance.

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I hope this article has helped you to know the basic requirement to start professional blogging. If you have some other ideas you can share your comments and feedback.


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