Nimbuzz chat room commands list – In this article we will discuss all the nimbuzz chat room commands that is needed to manage a chat room. These commands work perfectly in a chat room when applied. Each chat room command revokes a particular action. Most of the nimbuzz users are not aware about the chat room commands.

Nimbuzz Chat Room Commands List

Nimbuzz being one of the oldest and popular chatting application right from the Java platform till the latest operating system.

Nimbuzz Chat Room Commands Facts

Nimbuzz Chat Room Commands

For these chat rooms commands to work perfectly you need follow these instructions.
1. These chat room commands are only available in chat room. It works only when you have entered the chat room and doesn’t work if you leave it.
2. Some commands doesn’t work for all as these commands are only privileged to the owners and admins/moderator of a chat room. So if you are a visitor or a member some commands may not work depending upon the position like owner or moderator.
3. The commands entered and accessed by you in a chat room cannot be seen by other users that you enter.

Nimbuzz Chat Room Commands List

so here are the list of nimbuzz chat room commands that you can use in a chat room.
/boost – This command will boost your chat room. If you want to make your chat room to the top of all the nimbuzz chat rooms than you need to boost your chat room by using this command. You must need nimbucks to boost. You can purchase nimbucks is from the nimbuzz merchants or directly buy from nimbuzz.
/vg1 – this command will show list of gifts
/vg <gift code> <nimbuzz id> – buy gift for a user. You can also add multiple nimbuzz ids separated by space.
/ban <nimbuzz id> – to ban a nimbuzz Id in a chat room use this.
For example /ban water. So here water is a nimbuzz ID.
/ban a – ban all users in a chat room.
/ban f <nimbuzz id> -banning a ID using IP address.
For example /ban f water. So water@nc is a nimbuzz id.
/ban r <nimbuzz id> – unban a nimbuzz id. you can also use multiple nimbuzz ids separated by space.
For example /ban r water water1 water2 . So here water is a one nimbuzz id and also water2 is another id.
note – you can also un ban a nimbuzz ID by doing that nimbuzz id member using /mem for example /mem water.
/invite <nimbuzz id> – invite a nimbuzz ID to your chat room.
You can add multiple IDs separated by space.

/kick <nimbuzz id> – this command will kick a existing chat room user from the chat room.
/kick a – kick all the users in a chat room.
You can add multiple nimbuzz ids also separated by space.

/mem <nimbuzz id> – make a nimbuzz ID member in your chat room.

/mem r <nimbuzz id> – remove member.

/mod <nimbuzz id> – if you want to make a nimbuzz ID a moderator of your chat room.
/mod r <nimbuzz id> – remove the particular nimbuzz Id moderator.

/mute <nimbuzz id> – to mute a chat room user from sending messages in a chat room.

/mute r <nimbuzz id> – remove mute of the nimbuzz id. you can add multiple nimbuzz IDs separated by space.

/bal – to check nimbukz balance in chat room.

/msg <nimbuzz id> <your message> – to send a private message to user in a chat room.
For example /msg water here water is a nimbuzz ID which are sending a private message hi.
/who <nimbuzz id> – to see the entire profile details of the nimbuzz id in a chat room.
For example /who water. So water is a nimbuzz id.
/quit – to leave the chat room.
/help <command> – to get help on any chat room command.
/ban c – see the number of banned ids in a ban list.

Nimbuzz Chat Room

I hope these commands has helped you to explore more about nimbuzz and learn it. Thanks for taking your valuable time in learning these chat room comments. If found helpful do share this article.

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