This will allow you to play movies-videos without download-UC web browser. UC browser is one of the top-rated browsers which helps browsing and downloading really fast without consuming huge amount of data. It also facilitates a great number of add-on features to its users. This is one of the unrecognized feature of UC web browser which allows the play movies/videos without download.

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Play Movies-Videos Without Download-UC Web Browser

Here are easy step by step instructions to get started to play movies/videos without actually downloading the files.

1. You need using UC web browser installed. Check if your device is supported by checking out this URL. If supported try to download and install the latest version.

2. Open the UC web browser that is successfully installed.

Play Movies-Videos Without Download-UC Web Browser

3. Go to the movie or video songs download websites. If you have bookmarked the URL of the download websites you can open it.

4. Click on download option available of any particular movie/video file.

Movies-Videos Without Download

5. When you click the download option of a particular movies/videos file you’ll find three options given by UC web browser like play online, download and cloud download. Select play online which will allow you to play the movie/video online without downloading the actual movie/video file.

UC Web

This is how you can get started experiencing the power of UC web browser to play movies/videos online.

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Play Movies-Videos Without Download-UC Web Browser Video


1. This method is simple and easy to follow
2. This method helps to play any videos/movies without download quickly
3. No need to wait until the download completes usually for large videos/movies.
4. This is a streaming video concept.


1. Good Internet speed is required for buffering/playing the movies/videos online.
2. It applies only to UC web browser and its supporting devices.
3. You cannot share the movies/videos with others as it plays online.
4. Cannot be re viewed as you have to start it again from the scratch unlike the downloaded movies/videos file.

Try this method and let me know how it works for you through comments. If you like this article please share it among your friends.


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