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Google Chrome has introduced a great feature where you can monitor your kids activity many of them are not aware about this but it is it good feature that Google Chrome is offering to monitor any third person activity who is logged in to your computer and is using Google Chrome for web browsing activities. this facility benefits most to the parents who wanted to spy on their kids like viewing there browsing activity and managing websites that they visit.In today’s world it is difficult for the parents to manage their children who are mostly spent lot of time online. so it is very essential whatever activities are carried out by our children we must know that.

The Google Chrome feature which am going to tell you is about supervised user. In this cool feature you can carry out save browsing experience for your family to monitor each and every activity that they do on Google chrome. So let’s get started and experience this great feature.

How to Spy your Kids Activity on Google Chrome-Supervised User

I’ll tell you step by step instructions that you need to follow carefully for spying your kids browsing activity without their knowledge. Let us discuss in detail.

Certain important things that you have to follow before you start spying your children activity on Google Chrome.

Make sure you do not have more web browsers available on your computer. If you have other web browsers which is really important you can hide those browsers or lock it. It is better to uninstall your other browsers so that your kid cannot use other browsers as your kid will be forced to use Google Chrome. Make sure to only Google chrome is visible on the computer. You can also add a shortcut of Google Chrome on the desktop for easy accessibility for anyone who enters in to your computer. If you keep other browsers then you can spy your kids activity.

Spy your kids activity online using Google Chrome

1. You need Google Chrome application to be installed in your computer. If you don’t have you can install it.

2. After installing then you do not sign in to your Google account for Google Chrome you just have to open Google Chrome . If you have already Google Chrome installed just open Google Chrome without sign in to your Google account.

3. If you have to activate supervised user option by going to this URL chrome://flags. Copy and paste this URL on Google Chrome and find supervised user option to enable it. Then relaunch your Google Chrome web browser.

Spy your Kids Activity Using Google Chrome


4. Go to the settings of Google Chrome as shown in the image.

Supervised user

5. In Google Chrome settings under people click add person option.

6. So it will ask you to name the person when you click add person option. Please do not name your kids name or any third party persons name whom you’re trying to spy. Just type name is Google and don’t choose any picture in the box.

7. Then tick the box which says create a desktop shortcut for this user.

8. Bottom of the tick box you’ll find sign in to control the websites that this person visits. Click on sign in.

9. Now you to enter your Google account credentials of username and password and sign in.

10. After signing in you have to tick another box which says control and view the websites this person visits from your e-mail address and click add button and wait.

11. After you click add button you have to wait until you get this screen.

12. You’ll get this message as Google has been created as supervised user and you can manage your supervised user that is your child by visiting this link deleted without

13. Click got it.

14. Now minimize your Google Chrome browser to see the shortcut of Google supervised user added on the desktop of your computer. There will be two icons of shortcut. One is your Google chrome and another shortcut on computer will be Google (supervised user).

15. Now you can go to the settings of Google Chrome again and click disconnect your account on the top of the settings so that your account is disconnected from Google Chrome.

16. Hide your Google Chrome shortcut on desktop. As there are two icons of Google Chrome one is your and other is your child called Google referred as supervised user. Let the Google shortcut of your child remain whereas hide your Google Chrome in some folder so that it is not visible on the desktop screen.

17. Now you have successfully setup supervised user to spy your child’s account. You will receive a e-mail from Google Chrome in your Gmail inbox stating that your supervised user has been added visit to see your kids activity. You can also ban websites in

18. Whenever you wanted to check and manage your kids activity of supervised user. You can always copy and paste these URLs in your Google Chrome to access information.

Likewise you can add many supervised user accounts one by one of the children and spy their activity.

Watch Video To Spy your Kids Activity Using Chrome: Supervised User

If Still you are finding difficult to carry out. You can refer the video. One step is missing in video which is “If you have to activate supervised user option by going to this URL chrome://flags. Copy and paste this URL on Google Chrome and find supervised user option to enable it. Then relaunch your Google Chrome web browser”. First carry this step then continue to follow the video for rest of the steps. As the first step is missing because in my chrome browser I have already enabled supervised user option in chrome://flags so I have skipped it. But you need to enable supervised user chrome://flags then follow other steps.



Other tools and resources

There are other tools and resources available on the Internet that you can use apart from supervised user option of Google Chrome to keep track of your children’s activity online. You can search and download other softwares for spying.

I hope this article has helped you to spy your kids for safe the browsing and managing their activities online using Google Chrome. Do let us know your feedback through comments and share your experiences about child safety and safe web browsing.


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