why sales are important

According to my what, I feel the sales is really important for the company as well as for its representatives. It itself is an important unit of any organization. I would also call it the heart of the organization. without it, the products of the organization cannot be sold and the revenue generation will not happen which is important for any organization. The growth of the organization can also be evaluated by its numbers.

How Sales Benefits the Company

There are various ways in which it are very important for a company

How Sales are Important for the Company
  • It represents a functional business unit of an organization.
  • The growth of the organization is projected.
  • Revenue generation of the organization happens through it.
  • It helps the company to acquire new customers.
  • It also helps in customer retention
  • Post-selling activities can also be performed.
  • Feedbacks from the customer can help improve.
  • One of the important factors looked at by the investors before investing in the company is its revenues and numbers.
  • Creates employment for its representatives or any other members who are directly or indirectly involved in it..
  • Source of income and revenue generation like commissions and incentives.
  • It helps the representatives to plan their careers.
  • The growth of representatives is determined by their numbers.
  • A person who knows selling can go as highest as CEO of the company.
  • Those people who have worked in it help them in the future to start their enterprise with ease as it is a major engine for any organization.
  • There is a huge demand for professional selling jobs across all industries. so finding a job would not be a concern even during a covid situation.
  • If you have worked in it you will understand strategies in terms of closing deals.
  • Representatives are the revenue generators of the organization

How Selling is important for customers or buyers

  • Customers are the people who buy products whether it is you or me from a particular brand.
  • Need of the customer can be solved by delivering what they want by selling.
  • Customer feedback is very important so that it will help even the customer to get the better products as well as the company to plan for the future product or any improvements in the existing products.
  • Customers are indirectly responsible for the revenue generation of the organization
  • Customers are represented as the king of the organization
  • Without buyers or customers, there would be no marketplace.
  • Due to Healthy competition by brands buyers are benefited.
  • A lot of choices of products and brands for the customers to choose

How selling is helpful for the Society, Country, and Government

  • Government levies various taxations which is a source of revenue
  • Create employment for the country which helps in the overall development
  • Income generated by selling forms a larger part of income tax collection
  • Society is getting benefited from a lot of products and services offered by the company
  • Healthy competition will bring down the price of the products which is, in turn, beneficial to society.
  • It can help the country to plan their imports and Exports
  • Foreign Investments can help the country to grow.
  • The standard of living of the people will improve
  • Corporate social responsibility can help the government, society, and country from the revenue generated by the company.

Important Facts to Know about Selling

  1. We cannot survive without sales
  2. We are sold in our day to day lifeĀ 
  3. In sales listening, addressing the need, understanding the need, convincing, solving the problem using the product plays a very important role.
  4. You cannot use a script to become a successful salesperson but scripts can be useful at initial role plays for practice.
  5. You cannot do sell just by reading or watching videos instead gain experience by actual selling.
  6. It is not everyone’s cup of tea it is not suited for everyone.
  7. To remain Self-motivated in selling plays a vital role.
  8. The best salesperson does not panic during downtimes..
  9. Closing is the byproducts of all Mini closes like getting YES.
  10. Creating urgency and discounts has to be planned well.
  11. The majority of the salespersons miss on follow-ups.

So here are different ways in sales are important Stay tuned for more sales related articles