Yamaha RX 100 is an excellent bike for indian roads.Its 100 cc bike made by Yamaha,this bike has excellent road grip,sound is awesome ,engine is powerful,it has 4 gears.1st gear down and 3 up gears.this bike pickup is good and can carry even 4 to 5 people if adjusted.cost of maintenance is cheap and can be repaired,reused,ported to make dirt bike or sports bike,the body is fully metal and has good fuel tank capacity but low mileage around 30 to 35 km if maintained properly.

The bike is mainly used for drag racing and the bike is good for indian roads as there are lot of humps,traffic,and improper roads.
This is a discontinued bike that means its not available in showrooms as brand new piece.but the bike can be bought second hand at a price which varies in various city in india,its approx cost may be around 25k to 30k as second hand in good condition with all documents.
This bike is good for yamaha lovers,Yamaha motors released this bike where the engine was made and assembled in Japan .This bike Japan engine model is in much demand even in today.